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Thursday, March 2, 2017

DomainKing Ng Shut Down By Nigeria Internet Registration Association

This is indeed not a good news for customers of India based Web Hosting company in Nigeria, Domainking.Ng. Edeson Online News learnt that the Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA) has shut down their service in Nigeria over poor clients service. NiRA took the action on Domainking
based on customers frustration in using their platform. Prior to the action, many websites hosted on domainking.ng went down due to "server error" and their support system was not responding to queries and emails.

According to a press release on NIRA website, further sanctions will be applied against DomainKing.ng by 2nd May, 2017 should the company not reactivate/ attend/ respond to queries/ complaints raised by the registrants.

Clients that have not backed up nor changed the nameservers of their domain names at domainking.ng before now cannot login to their account. However, affected clients are advised to contact NIRA if they can recover their accounts from Domainking.
Endy Edeson Reporting.
Written & Edited by: Endy Edeson
Photo News Editor: Endy Edeson
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Izirigah Nwafor

this company has been having issues with their server for long. i pity their customers

Izirigah Nwafor

happy new month endy. forward ever bro

Endy Edeson

same to you nwafor. do you use domainking?

Izirigah Nwafor

no i have friends who do. what about u

Endy Edeson

I do but luckily for me I have already moved my contents from their server before the shutdown

Izirigah Nwafor

u get luck sha

Emmanuel Gilbert

very bad, was just about to, i like their cheap domain name

Endy Edeson

Gilbert, their .com.ng is very cheap but .com and other extensions are expensive compared to what is obtainable to other world-class domain registrars

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