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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

How To Chase Away Mosquitoes Using Music Or Sound

Hi folks, welcome to another edition of Edeson Online Tutorials.In this edition, I am sharing with you how to chase away mosquitoes with music or sound. Did you know that you can use Davido songs or Celine Dion songs to chase away mosquitoes? Continue reading to find out how.

Killing mosquitoes can be frustrating. Fortunately, whether you're camping or relaxing in your house, there are some tricks you can use to keep pesky mosquitoes away.

We already know that mosquitoes cause malaria and to avoid mosquito bites; we have to keep our environment clean, use insecticides , mosqutoe nets and all that stuffs. This tutorial is only addressing the mosquitoes that hover around your ears or disturb your ears at night when you are about to sleep or with your partner preparing to have fun.

No matter how rich you are, there are times when there would be no power supply and to make matters worst, your generator or solar inverter aren't working and you are faced with the disturbing bites of mosquitoes. What will you do? If there is "light" You can turn on your fan. Mosquitoes are not strong fliers, so electric fans strategically placed around you or your deck make it increasingly difficult for the pesky insects to reach you and bite.

Imagine lying on your bed around 1am and you realised there are lots of mosquitoes hovering around your ears and there are no insecticides or light to curb it. At this crucial hour of the night, when there are no other alternative and you have your smartphone or small battery radio, no need to worry.

All you need to do if mosquitoes are hovering around your ears at night, is to play music with your phone or small radio and place it around your ears, the mosquitoes will run away from your ears and may even run out of the house. Mosquitoes that disturb the ears can only operate in a quite room or environment.You can play any kind of music, it can be Olamide, 2Face, Wizkid or Celine Dion songs depending on the type of music you like. As for me, I normally play Mariah Carey songs anytime Mosquitoes hover around my ears, upon hearing the music they will leave my ears alone.
When next you are faced with disturbing mosquitoes around your ears, just put on music or sound around your ears.
Remember to join me in another edition of Edeson Tutorials next week.

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Ola Daniel

But they can attack other part of the body.

Aruoture Goodie

Well, d ones in my room love music... They will even add more beats to d song

Betty Michael Esene

Wow! Tnks Endy;

Endy Edeson

@Goodie: Hahahahahaha. Are you sure? Even when you place the music around your ears when it is hovering? lolz @Betty: Thanks for reading

Daniel Orji

The only problem with mosquitoes is not just the noise, in fact they are more dangerous silent! Does music also resist them from biting???

Endy Edeson

Yes Daniel but this is not the only method of curbing it. This method only frees you from the mosquitoes that hover around your ears, it won't also bite you when you play your music

Aruoture Goodie

@endy: I'm serious ooo, no chill at all... Wat I do is leave my light on, since they are photophilic, I go hear word small...

Johnson Ahile

nice tips endy

Olayemi Fathybaba

My broda Endy Edeson d last tym I tried diz magic I woke up around 2am in d midnight nd d music dat I was playing dat night waz olamide science student can u believe dat I saw diz mosquitoes counting lik 15 dancing shaku shaku 2diz music wen I tried checking my body my broad diz unless mosquitoes don do science operation 4my body ooo I jst begin day c blood every wer 4my Body. So I guse d only place dat diz magic can happen is mayb in d areas wer der are ajebos mosquito nt In my area here wer all d mosquitoes are grade one ajepako

Edomwonyi Divine

Endy u said it works for mosquito that hovers around the ears, is there other type of mosquito that hovers from neck downward, that is around the body

Endy Edeson

@Goodie, light and music are both mosquitoes repellents. But in terms of ear hovering mosquitoes, music work best based on my observation. @Olayemi: So, you mean I am Ajebuta, that's why the music factor works for me? Lolz. Next time, place the music very close to your ears not far from you. @Divine, I love your question. It is the funniest question someone has asked me this year. Your "thinking faculty" is working fine. lolz. OK. Seriously, if the mosquitoes are hovering over your body this method won't work. It only works with ear hovering but make sure you place the music close to your ears. 😎

Ascenxion Poi

Endy Edeson, de mosquitoes in G.R.A and D.line put together in Portharcourt can chase away de whole Ghana. My brother, dey even love music, insecticide na perfume for dia nose...just imagine, now now, I just killed a big one wit my fone.
What we do here in ph is to prevent malaria by nacking dogoyaro socked in original kaikai ooo no need killing or chasing dem cos de more u kill, de more dy come.. How dem dy use enter my car nai I still neva know ooo!

Endy Edeson

@Poi, good evening my brother. Have you tried placing the music close to your ears especially if it is hovering around it. You can use other methods to kill the mosquitoes if it is biting you and not hovering around your ears. On a lighter mood, maybe, Lagos mosquitoes run away from music while Port-harcourt mosquitoes love music. lolz😂

Ascenxion Poi

Endy Edeson, Portharcourt mosquitoes no get time for ya ear ooo na ur legs dem dey concentrate... dem no dy even fly again, dem dy creep small small on bed till dem hit dia target..

Yaw Kusi Ofosu Evans

Odi agu...I go try am...unfortunately here in Ghana light is stable.

Endy Edeson

Good for you guys over there in Ghana. @Yaw, but remember to try it if you find yourself in such situation

John Asukwo

If you play music here, mosquito will turn it off, switch your phone off and start their own show. What marvels most is that, some of them will hide in a corner watching and timing when your eyes are closed. Then they launch an attack, singing and dancing over your sleeping body and your red blood. They are great musicians you can't afford to dance to. If it's only phone music that'll keep these mosquitoes away, then we that only have a torchlight Nokia are doomed!

Endy Edeson

@Asukwo: You are very funny. 😂

Dorcas Andrew

The mosquitoes in my house are immune to sound. They bite you and even the loudest music can't save you.
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