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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

A Documentary On Syria Civil War. Produced by Endy Edeson

In this edition of Edeson Online TV Documentaries, I highlighted the cause of the ongoing Syria Civil War and other facts you should know. WATCH NOW.


Yemisi Frank

Endy, so Syria belongs to the Assad's family. How can father and son rule a country for that long ?

Endy Edeson

Is not only in Africa such exists. "Family politics" is common around the world. @Yemisi

Adedayo Ojo

Good work Endy......
Its insightful.

Endy Edeson

Thanks Adedayo for watching. Expect more on Edeson TV

Henry Bassey

Good job sir

Endy Edeson

Thanks Henry. I appreciate

Wonders Okpor

Nice one sir

Endy Edeson

Thanks Wonders. I appreciate your kind words

Emmanuel Conquer Oko Ewa Udu

if this guy was an African President, I believe by now the western govt must have pulled him down by all means possible. This war have lasted for a long time now. Nice documentary, bro.

Endy Edeson

Conquer; That is true. The western world is threading with caution, else the war will even get worst. Thanks for watching
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