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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

A Man Once Touched My Boobs To Be Sure They Were Real – Nollywood Actress

Actress and filmmaker, Seun Omojola, has revealed that it is always hard for her to walk freely in the marketplace due to her big mammary glands. Omojola told Sunday Scoop that she always got unpleasant remarks whenever she visited the market. She said, “When I go to the market, especially Yaba Market, I get a lot of unpleasant comments from the traders, which make me uncomfortable. There was a day a man touched my Bosom to know if it was real; it was annoying.”
She also stated that while growing up, she was often the centre of attention as her peers had smaller breasts. She said, “At some point as a kid, I was confused because I didn’t understand why my Bosom s were bigger than those of my peers. But as grew older, I became comfortable with who I am.”
However, according to the actress, who plays a leading role in the new movie, Funke, her physique has been a blessing to her career.
She said, “I get a lot of compliments on my Bosom s. If you go to my YouTube page, you will see different comments. God gave them to me; so, I’m going to flaunt them.”

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Endy Edeson

of course, it is . 😎

Johnson Ahile

flaunt what you have jare

Joseph Tyokoso Akwente

I need to touch them to confirm too @ Endy Edeson.

Endy Edeson

@Joseph; Hahahahahahaha. Funniest comment from you. No wahala, she normally buy things at Yaba, market. When you see her, grab her boobs and squeeze it until you are satisfied. #JustKidding . Please don't do it ooo 😂

Bola Elizabeth Fapohunda

You have a small brain to go with it

Micheal Callix Oyibo

If u are blessed u are blessed...if u know u know

Endy Edeson

@Bola: how? she is an actress and a filmmaker, so she is brilliant @Oyibo: sure

Viceroy Marquez

So she allowed a random man touch her breasts just like that to confirm if they are real n she didn't find it offensive or abusive? Is that not modern day hoeing?

Daniel Orji

some things are better joke, how can a touch your boobs and you allow him to go free, when he is not your bed mate? abi de stori no end there? this celebrities sef....

Polycarpz Igboon

And the story continues......
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