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Saturday, September 8, 2018

Shock As Project Fame Winner, Olawale Turns To A Taxi Driver

MTN Project Fame 6.0 winner Olawale popularly known as @olawalesings was the star of the year 2013 due to his soulful voice. He was, however, recently seen on the streets going about his cab business. In a video making rounds on the internet, he explained to Tope Delano a writer that he had to swallow his pride to do this business.
In a short video posted on Instagram by Tope Delano, the reality show star » narrated how he had to fight depression when music wasn't going the way he expected.
He » further narrated how he had to make a choice between selling the car he won after emerging the tops at the Project Fame West Africa in 2013.
Read MTN Project Fame winner's lamentation

"This car that you have, if you sell it to push yourself, you might not even be able to shoot a proper video and promote it. And it's not like there is a guarantee that this song you are
promoting, this money you are spending you will get it back, so I felt selling this car would not be an option for me. And, I just told myself that you have to swallow your pride, you have to forget whatever it is, you have to forget the platform or the brand that you represent and you have to hustle, you have to make money because if you die...I started getting so depressed at home, crazy thoughts that I can't even talk about but at the end of the day I felt, if you kill yourself..." the singer said in the Instagram video.

In 2014, Olawale released a single, Jupa with a video » and went ahead as a solo artiste, Olawale to work on an EP titled
“Almost Famous”.

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Oluwatoyin Obanla

Big up to you Wale. hustle no dey spoil pikin,na thief dey spoil pikin

Austin Danielson

When I saw it on tope delana IG I was surprised

Psalmwell Ledor Nbura

What happened to d #5m he won? Dis is d result of poor investment...when he dey flex girls up and down, he bin tink say na evry day mtn go dash am free money and motor

Phemmy Kunle Odunlami Olooto

Sad, though better than idleness

Aina Prince Jp

Nothing wrong

Folake Patricia Daodu

May be he did not plan well. Also he might think the money is very much and gave pple and family some, without thinking twice. The stars of today joined different evil society, that's why they are making a lot of money.

Kylsy Syga Kogbara

He did not win,he came sixth and was gifted the car he is using now to hustle.

Fabunmi Michael

Village people at work

Bussy Duro

Hustle no dey kill if he put his mind to what he is doing now and think in order directions ,he will come out better. Not all of us must be come celebrity just because we can sing I sing well enough but don't see it as a way of making money

John Valentine

That guy is a strong guy.keep ti up the skye will be your limit
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