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Saturday, September 8, 2018

Sowore Promises To Legalize Marijuana If Elected President Of Nigeria

Founder of SaharaReporters, Omoyele Sowore has promised to legalize the usage of Marijuana if he is voted president come 2019. According to Sowore who is also convener of the Take It Back movement, the mass production of Marijuana in Nigeria will open a window of cash inflow for the country which is over-relying on petro-dollars presently.
Sowore who was once described as the ‘latest comedian in town’ by a political pundit made these assertions at a conference amid laughter by the audience filled with youths. Leader of freeTheSheeple movement, Daddy Freeze took to his instagram account saying: 
‘What were we exporting before now apart from fake pastors? This same ‘igbo’ has been listed as a commodity on the New York Stock exchange, but will sentiment allow us see road?
Instead of us to stand against the pastors who raped our minds and stole our money, they will make this an issue now.

Baba carry on, if this bill is passed, the weed can be exported to treat cancer, Ekiti youths can cultivate their lands by planting real seeds, into real fertile ground, instead of planting seeds into the hands of pulpit bandits bereft of Christ and with no recourse to proper scriptural understanding. ~FRZ

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Gorot Rot

Guns are not legal yet we have a more than a handful in our streets. Prostitution is not legal yet there are so many prostitutes out there. They band codein recently, is it not still consumed? We carry religion like a crown yet we kill and maim women and infants. Corruption and looting is worst than ever. Yet it is marijuana that is now an issue. If you won't sell and you won't smoke then mind your business.

Iam Lucky Blings

Only fools will be against the legalize weeds

Isibor O. Cletus

I just laugh. I don't know what to say, looking at the two pictures, the captions and the context. ?????? Questions i don't know how to ask running through my mind

Fabunmi Michael

100% support for this cos its gonna boom d economy

Aina Prince Jp

Hmmmmmm only money positive aspect consider what about negative effects on human life i.e health issues

Edet Daniel

That's is to tell u that if leadership of these country is been handled by youth everything will fall apart

Ifeanyi-chukwu Williams Chirah

Western worlds already legalized it so we are running behind there’s truth in what he said about the cash inflow. When legalized one can cultivated harvest and sell marijuana to pharmaceutical companies in large scale

Chi Oli Ogbuka

You want to Ginger my people and turn them to mad men lol
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