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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Why 35-Year-Old Nollywood Actress Ebube Nwagbo Is Not Yet Married

Ebube Nwagbo is a Nigerian actress , model, television personality and a philanthropist. She was born on 24th February 1983. She is from Anambra State but grew up in Warri. She is first of her parents six children. After completing her senior secondary education, Nwagbo proceeded to Federal Polytechnic Okoh in Anambra State, Nigeria and obtained a National Diploma (OND) in Mass Communication. Then she studied Mass Communication at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Nigeria. She started acting in 2003 at the age of 20.
Nollywood star, Ebube Nwagbo, has opened up on how she deals with pressures from people for her to settle down. The Anambra State-born movie producer and businesswoman said that though she longs to get married and raise her own family soon, she won’t rush into it just for the sake of pleasing people.
The 35-year-old beauty, who is set to launch her new clothing line – Poshed Up –
disclosed that venturing into business and reading several insightful books had not only helped her become a better woman but also a focused professional.
Speaking with Saturday Beats earlier in the week, Nwagbo said that her upbringing and fear of God has helped her maintain a controversy-free life.
She said, “The pressure of marriage comes but I am happy for the type of parents and family members I have. They all understand that marriage is not a decision I have to make in a hurry. I try to let everybody know that deciding who to marry has to be done right and at the appropriate time as well. I have learnt to deal with this pressure by not allowing whatever people say to bother me. As a person, I try to be the best that I can. I come from a very strict Christian background. My parents always tell me never to forget where I am coming from and I never forget that. The training they gave me has helped in shaping the woman I am today. Being a star comes with a lot of pains. There are people in the society who want to control your life and make you live in a certain way. But the truth is that you can’t please everyone. Sometimes you have to be yourself and this could be misunderstood. It’s a price we have to pay for being in the limelight.”

It will be recalled that Ebube Nwagbo was dating Limpopo singer Kcee.

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Daniel Orji

am pretty sure if a seriou suitor have showed up before now, she would have settled down! but if she is saying its her decision to tarry this far, issorite oo...we still have her mate who are single.

Endy Edeson

@Ikenna: Yeah, Though, I am not an adherent of African tradition. @Daniel: Exactly, the right man or woman is what leads to marriage

Wada Martins Ugbede

B delivered in Jesus name!

Azumi Jimoh

Thought she was married. Beautiful Ebube. She her all the Best in Life

Endy Edeson

It is Queen Nwokoye that is married, not Ebube. @Azumi

Niyeck Nandack

This your post is very sexist. Why do you add the adverb "yet". Does it mean that you don't understand that marriage is an individual thing? Are you not aware that so many successful people around the world are bachelor/single?

Austin Danielson

She have seen it all.. Originating from Anambra(Onitsha) then growing up in Warri, damn.. Strong woman.πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜€

Perez Oluwatobi Omobolu-akiyode

U r not in hurry
I pity u
We r u deceiving πŸ˜

Isiaq Zakariyah

Let her wait a little bit more till she's 50. At 35 she's not in a hurry.
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