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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen Is Dead. Aged 65

It’s easy to think of Microsoft and immediately think of Bill Gates. While Gates led Microsoft to where it stands today, co-founder Paul Allen played an early instrumental role in creating the software giant. Originally named “Micro-soft,” Gates and Allen founded their software company in 1976 after meeting as students at Lakeside School in Seattle. It was this unique friendship at the right time and the right place that ultimately changed the world of computing.

Gates and Allen had been buddies in school and were part of the Lakeside Programmers Group that traded computer programs for free time on the school’s computers. Funded by the Lakeside Mothers’ Club, the school installed a computer terminal in 1968, and it was the students that figured out how to use it before the teachers. 

Allen was one of the richest tech billionaires in the world in 2017, according to Forbes , and he used his wealth wisely as a philanthropist. Estimates suggest he donated more than $2 billion in total, including $500 million to his Allen Institute for Brain Science .
Allen even created the original Micro-soft name in 1975, and the pair went on to design software for the Apple II and Radio Shack’s TRS-80, which eventually led to Microsoft’s MS-DOS operating system in the 1980s. Allen left Microsoft after only eight years, following his diagnosis of Stage 1-A Hodgkin’s lymphoma. In a memoir, he revealed how the partnership with Bill Gates wasn’t always friendly because the co-founder allegedly wanted a bigger stake in the company. Allen retained his ownership of Microsoft after his departure in 1983.

Paul Gardner Allen (January 21, 1953 – October 15, 2018) was an American business magnate, investor and philanthropist. He co-founded the technology company Microsoft alongside
Bill Gates in 1975. In March 2018, he was estimated to be the 44th-richest person in the world, with an estimated net worth of $21.7 billion, revised at the time of his death to $20.3 billion. In January 2014 he still owned 100 million Microsoft shares.
Allen was the founder and Chairman of Vulcan Inc. , which managed his various business and philanthropic efforts. He had a multibillion-dollar investment portfolio including technology and media companies, scientific research, real estate holdings, private spaceflight ventures, and stakes in other companies.



Wonders Okpor

May his soul rest in peace....

Permit me to ask, if both of them Started the company Together, then how come Bill Gates is much more richer than Him....

Please answer??

Endy Edeson

Yes, they started the business together . Because Bill Gates brought the idea first, so he has higher share in the company . Though, they equally contributed to the company

Aruoture Goodie

Bill Gate actually funded d project...

Endy Edeson

@Goodie: Exactly, but he wanted equal share of the company at some point. I like the way Bill Gates handled it without serious problem. They were still friends until his demise

Aruoture Goodie

He was more brainy than Bill tho... Had a perfect SAT score, while Bill had 1590... I think he was even on scholarship before they dropped out... I think that was wat brought about d argument of who's to own higher stakes...
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