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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Any Man Who Fails To Give His Woman Orgasm Will Go To Hellfire

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I know the majority of you are already aware that the only way to hell is to lead a bad life, a life

which is contrary to that of Jesus Christ.
But here is the case we are being taught another shortcut to hell by a popular Ghanaian
controversial marriage counselor and a reverend minister, George Lutterodt.
According to the controversial man of God, any man who fails or unable to satisfy his woman
during s*xual intercourse will forever burn in hellfire. He made this statement after he mounted
the stage at Prophet Sampson Amoateng’s Star in Worship concert which was held at the
House of Miracle Ministries at Madina, Accra.

Veteran Nigerian actor and Politician, Desmond Elliot has slammed the controversial Counsellor
Luterodt on some immoral speech he made at a Christian gathering in Accra just recently.
The two public figures clashed at the just ended Stars in Worship 2018 concert held at the
House of Miracles Ministry located at Madina, Accra.
Counsellor Lutterodt delivered a short sermon and as usual spoke about his $£x and orgasm
conference.Lutterdot said orgasm was very important not only during Sex but also in the
worship of God.

According to him, anyone who faced challenges in their $£xual life was bound to face
challenges is his spiritual life because they two were connected. Lutterdot reportedly added that
the process of worshiping was the same process one goes through, demonstrating his speech
by touching his body on stage.
Well, just after his preaching, Desmond Elliot took over the microphone.
However, Desmond Elliot felt Lutterdot had gone below the belt with his speech, and called him
to order.The actor who seems to be offended by the way and place Lutterodt made his speech
felt it was unacceptable.

He lamented that the platform to worship God together as movie and music stars was not
appropriate for the controversial counselor to make such immoral speech.
The top Nigerian actor said he was never aware of the $£xual claims Lutterodt was making,
stressing that there would be trouble in West Africa if there were ever two of his kind.
“Counselor, those words that were coming from your mouth, I’m not lying to you but I have never
heard it before. I have never heard them anywhere in my life,how can you confidently talk about
orgasm in the presence of the lord,”
Desmond Elliot said.
“We can only have one of your type in West Africa. Honestly, if we had two, there would be
trouble,please don’t bring your orgasm program to Nigeria oh” he added.
While Desmond complained, Lutterdot stood watching him and intermittently managed to smile
showing that he had indeed ‘met his meter’.



Jamil Imodibie

Any bad thing originates from Ghana, people from there will take d lead wen is all about Sin

Isibor O. Cletus

I like what Desmond did. That preaching is preaching heresies. He must be one of those types who sample different women and ladies in their churches. He should watch his teaching before he finally lands in that hellfire

Browayson John Sr.

How can a pastor freely speak about s*x so casually on d pulpit and says its a criteria to make heaven?, God is really God and Dr Jesus has alota patients (ce)..

Evangelist Gilbert

this guy and pastor freeze na same boat dem enter

Gbolahan Libra General

Hmmmmm, Matthew 7:15

Nwigwe Ogochukwu Anne

Nothing person no go hear

Chibuike Gabriel Chineke

The preacher was making sense shaa but not everyone will get his the message he is trying to deliver. ..

Emeka Ben Queen

It's very important o biko

Oluwaseun King Sofoluwe

The way people get threatened will hell fire by religious leaders, you'd think it's these leaders that would put people there personally. It's good to take sex seriously and master the art till it seem effortless but hell fire? Na una know.
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