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Friday, March 15, 2019

Mother And Daughter Fight Dirty Over Loverboy In Anambra State (Love Wahala)

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Nemesis reportedly caught up with a woman and her daughter who tried to outsmart each other in their illicit relationship with the same man as they went into fisticuffs on Wednesday in the lover-boy’s apartment at Nkutaku Layout in Okpoko, a suburb in Ogbaru local government area of Anambra state. Orient Weekend gathered that the man, who is in his early 30s, is a boy friend to the woman and usually patronize her restaurant at Ochanja market, near Onitsha where her daughter also assist her mother to attend to customers.

According to a neighbor who had been following the dramatic battle for the lover boy, trouble started when the young lady in her early twenties began to succumb to love advances from the friendly customer simply identified as ‘Oga Dubai’. “She did not know
that her mother and Oga Dubai were already dating secretly before he decided to switch to her”, the source who did not want his name mentioned, said.
“He continued: “The mother kept her calm initially thinking that it was mere friendly play. But, trouble started when on one of the man’s visit to the restaurant, the daughter rushed to him and embraced and kissed him.
Angered by her daughter’s provocative action, the mother warned her to behave herself in a good manner, but the daughter fired back that she was old enough to choose whom to love and that she love Oga Dubai and would like to marry him if he eventually propose to her. After a brief exchange of words, the duo kept their cool and went home as if nothing happened.
Not ready to surrender her lover to her daughter, the woman decided to play the spoiler game on them. Days later when the man invited her daughter to his house at Nkutaku layout Okpoko, her mother was already tipped off and she trailed her to the rendezvous for a showdown.
“The daughter did not know that her mother was a regular visitor to the house and as such very familiar with co-tenants to the man. So after about three hours after her daughter went to the man’s house, she decided to pay an unscheduled visit to the man. On arrival, she made straight to the man’s apartment without greeting the co-tenants as usual whenever she came calling, ostensibly to get them in action.
“After knocking, she pushed the door open and saw both Unclad, with the daughter’s hand bag hung on the wall. The woman kept her calm and managed to hold herself until the man told her that ‘you are suppose to wait for someone to come and open the door for you before you come in’.
According to the witness, this infuriated the woman who raised her voice, accusing the man of sleeping with mother and daughter, swearing that she has cut their relationship and that the girl will not return to her house again but will remain there in the man’s house.
“As heated argument ensued between the man and the mother, the daughter tried to sneak away but unfortunately for her the mother rushed outside and held her, dragging her back to the man’s house. As the girl was trying to resist her mother, the mother started beating her up and calling her lover- boy snatcher. As the beating became unbearable, the girl fought back and tore her mother’s clothes into shred, exposing her unclothedness”.
The timely intervention of on-lookers who rushed and separated them saved the situation and both headed home from different directions while abusing each other, calling themselves ‘ashewo’.
A man who claimed to be one of the co-tenants of the loverboy also disclosed that the mother of the girl usually visit the man regularly and that that day was the first they saw the young girl. “The woman comes to our yard steady, we even think she is the wife to the man. Sometimes she will cook and fetch water and wash the man’s clothes”, he said

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Rose Uranta Ann

Shameless people
LikeReactReplyDelete29 minutes ago

Endy Edeson

Rose, love is powerful, that is why they are fighting over the man 😀
LikeReactReplyEdit27 minutes ago

Rose Uranta Ann

Why mother and daughter
LikeReactReplyDelete24 minutes ago

Stanley Smart

Imagine...useless sets of animals
1LikeReactReplyDelete21 minutes ago

Chidera Blessing

LikeReactReplyDelete20 minutes ago

Omababyomababy Omababyomababy

Things dey happeneooo, this is what our former governor called iberiberism
EditedLikeReactReplyDelete18 minutes ago

Kalu Nancy mother like daughter
LikeReactReplyDelete3 minutes ago

Rhaymond Ignito Larhmviv

This is African philosophy of being a nuisance,the schizophrenic atmosphere must have injected the woman with insanity,and for the daughter she is really a bedraggled offspring...I hope they after the fight the family could take them for neurological check up
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