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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Daura Residents To Buhari: "We Only Have Light When You Are Around"

Image may contain: nightPresident Buhari who is currently in Daura, Katsina state, was yesterday informed by his kinsmen that they only enjoy power suppy whenever he is in town. President Buhari travelled home for the Sallah Holiday.
While receiving some of his community leaders in his home on Tuesday August 13th, one of the leaders, Mohammed Saleh, complained bitterly about the epileptic power supply they suffer whenever he is not in town, Igbere TV reports.
According to Saleh, whenever the President is in town, they enjoy 24 hours power supply.
“Anytime the President is around we enjoy 24 hours power supply. But if he is not around, the power supply is not always stable,” Saleh said.

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Akinyemi Olubunmi

Interesting!!! Enjoy it, its part of life! I hate when ppl want too much from Mr. President! Enjoy next level!

Apiti Eras

Hehehehe,these folks maybe arrested for spreading falsehood against a very hard working president. We hv light 24/7 in Nigeria,hospitals are functioning at optimal here even zakzaky wants to be treated at Zaria hospital...our roads are world class....there is job for everybody. They shouldn't annoy buhari pls.....#nonesense#

Obaji Wisdom Obi

Yet they still give him the highest number of vote.

Rhaymond Horpeymi Oopp

What a shame to Entire people of Daura, infact the state as a whole.... Mr president have never won the heart of those poor masses yet he claimed he will eradicate poverty...
Edeson Online News
Edeson Online News
Rhaymond Horpeymi Oopp He will fix the light issue... More

Omotunde Olamide Etobaba

Not buharis fault nw abi na him be nepa boss

Oluwatoyin Obanla

Endy Edeson PARTISAN REPORTER a.k.a Mr Bias. Check your caption again and tell us the exact person in Daura that used such phrase to describe the president

Edeson Online News
Edeson Online News
Oluwatoyin Obanla The caption is relative, if any... More

Skulboi Stanley

Waiting come concern me

Edet Daniel

Story for the gods

Edeson Online News
Edeson Online News
Edet Daniel Even Daura people are feeling it.... More

Mac David Akwuking

Dey dn dey confess small small... Haha haha haha 😂 😂 😂

Sufiyan Abu

Is true
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