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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Nigerian Prisons Service Changes Name To Nigerian Correctional Service

Image may contain: 1 person, standingA new bill signed into law on Wednesday by President Muhammadu Buhari has effected a change of name for the Nigerian Prisons Service. From henceforth, it will be referred to as the Nigerian Correctional Service.
Senior Special Assistant to the President on National Assembly Matters, Ita Enang, made the disclosure while speaking with journalists covering the State House in Abuja on Wednesday.
Read the full statement below
1. Nigerian Correctional Service Act, 2019
2. Federal Universities of Agriculture (Amendment No.2) Act, 2019
His Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari has assented the within named Acts, as analysed below:
Nigerian Correctional Service Bill, 2019
This Act repeals the Prisons Acts and changes the name from Nigeria Prisons Service to Nigerian Correctional Service, otherwise known as “the Correctional Service.”
There are, according to the Act, two main faculties of the Correctional Service, namely:
(a) Custodial Service
(b) Non-custodial Service
The Custodial Service is to:
(a) custody and take control of persons legally interned in safe, secure and humane conditions.
(b) Conveying remand persons to and from courts in motorized formations;
(c) Identifying the existence and causes of anti-social behaviours of inmates
(d) Conducting risk and needs assessment aimed at developing appropriate correctional treatment methods for reformation, rehabilitation and reintegration;
(e) Implementing reformation and rehabilitation programmes to enhance the reintegration of inmates back into the society
(f) Initiating behaviour modification in inmates through the provision of medical, psychological, spiritual and counselling services for all offenders including violent extremists
(g) empowering inmates through the deployment of educational and vocational skills training programmes, and facilitating incentives and income generation through Custodial Centres, farms and industries
(h) Administering borstal and related institutions;
(I) Providing support to facilitate the speedy disposal of cases of persons awaiting trial, and It further provides in Section 12 (2) (c):
“that where an inmate sentenced to death has exhausted all legal procedures for appeal and a period of 10 years has elapsed without execution of the sentence, the Chief Judge may commute the sentence of death to life imprisonment. 

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Titi Gilbert

From NEPA to PHCN, from Prisions to Correctional. Whatever yet everything still appear dirty n smelly. God help us

Skulboi Stanley

Abeg where I fit see light take charge my?

Nuraeni Lawal

The change in name does not tally with the condition of the prison since the experience has shown that any Petty criminal sent to the Nigeria prison comes out as a hardened one.Either it is called the recreational centre or Reformation or corrective centre if the situation in the prison doesn't produce a reformed individual after completion of his/her term in prison it is a waste of scarce resources

Chino Nzekwesi

Change of name, same old maltreatment, malnourishment, inhuman treatment of prisoners...

Apiti Eras

Will any other thing change aside from d name? ....policy,infrastructure, mindset,tactics,logistics? .....just a new name to a starving maltreated old dog,from bobi to bingo.

Sunday Alaba Akodeja

If they like they change to Nigeria hell service, that is their business

Mac David Akwuking

What are they correcting ?
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