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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Laspotech student allegedly beaten to death by boyfriend

A part-time Business Administration Student of Lagos State Polytechnic, Miss Olayinde Bournes, 22, (pictured below) has allegedly been beaten to death by her boyfriend, Abuchi Cyril.

The incident happened yesterday Thursday February 21 at Shorinmade Street, Aguda-Ogba area of Lagos State, southwest Nigeria.
According to Miss Titilayo Fagbamila, friend of the deceased girl, she always complained to her that her boyfriend, Abuchi always beat her at the slightest provocation.
She said that on Thursday when the tragedy occurred, Abuchi invited Olayinde to his house along Shorinmade Street, to see his travel documents. Titilayo said nobody knew what happened when the lovers were together but it is believed that they had a misunderstanding which may have led to a fight.

Sources at 17, Muibi Street residence of the deceased told P.M.NEWS that after the fight with her boyfriend, the victim was rushed to G&S Hospital where she was confirmed dead before the corpse was taken to Ikeja General Hospital for autopsy.

Abuchi was immediately arrested and taken to Area 'G' Police Command, Ogba, for interrogation.
When our correspondent visited Area 'G', Ogba, Friday morning, the suspect was seen writing his statement.

When contacted for comment, the Area 'G' Commander, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Mr. Ishola Abdulahi, declined to speak on the issue, saying it was too early as investigation was going on.

Speaking with P.M.NEWS, the 55-year old father of Olayinde, Mr. Akindele Bournes, said his daughter was not a troublesome person, adding that the government must ensure that justice is done.

(Source: PM NEWS)
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  • Ubani Adaugo Kween likes this.
  • Nelly Idagba Oscar pistorius#part 2
  • Smart Patricia @ Nelly, exactly. And this one is happening right under our nose. Is it by force to have a boyfriend? I do nt know why a girl will stay around a guy dat beats a woman.
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  • Aina Prince Endy which of the annex bcos ℓ̊ don't hv such name in ♍Ɣ department
  • Nelly Idagba One of d reasons y girls remain in an uncondusive relationship is because" 1.insecurity/fear..fear dat she might not find someone else to love her d way dey tink dey are loved.forgettin dat as u step out,der r beta and greater chances.
    Well ladies needs to step up their games.life is short n no man is worth any drama.
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  • Smart Patricia Exactly. Drama dat will eventually lead them to death.
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  • Salako Stephen Ha! What happen to we guys nowdays, ds thing is get much. Ladies u must be pray very wel and be careful before start any affair with any guys God we help us.
  • Emma Chuks I wonder what u have posted here,LWKMD.
  • Dipuo Kekana Anada woman is dead @ Esther @ the hands of her lover just like our South African,OP, who killed his gf last week
  • Baptist John · Friends with Vanessa Amaechi
    Itz unfortunate.I tink dis kalls 4 sober reflection on d side of d ladies.The seem 2 love d bad guys instead.Ladies turn dwn gentle men 4 no reason,n dis tren has bcom a phenomenon.Is high tym u gals step up dis game n chose guys dat will love n respect u,bt if u keep on fooling urselfs dat d bad guys are d best,well,den u aint see nuting yet.(WISE UP)

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