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Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Solution To Niger Delta Crisis

Niger-Delta is referred as the coastal part of Nigeria. It is widely believed that over 90% of the nation's capital comes from Niger-Delta area and is a ground for industrial and economic activities for instance, The Tinapa Project (an International Business Resort) and the Oil Well and Refineries are situated in Niger Delta.
9 state of the 36 state of Nigeria constitutes Niger Delta states and they include: Rivers state, Bayelsa state, Imo state, Edo state, Akwa Ibom state, Ondo state and Delta state, Cross Rivers and Abia State; these nine states are Oil producing states.

Inspite of the high chunk of income generated from Niger Delta area, almost 85% of the indigenes still live below $1 a day. The people feel cheated and deprived for federal government to exploit their resources, enrich themselves and ignore the source or host.
Series of protest rising from militancy to what have you, had been carried out to avert this issue but to no avail. Due to high rate of unemployment, food shortage, lack of fund, and essential amenities, most of the Niger Deltas especially the youths has shifted to doing things ordinarily they wouldn't have done.
The federal government should carry out positive actions instead of spoken words in resolving the Niger Delta crisis. They should stop giving jobs to foreigners and create employment to Niger Deltas who are credible to hold the position and create an empowerment programmes for unskilled ones; by so doing the people will feel contented and deviate from any immoral thoughts.
The manpower of Niger Delta youths should not be ignored and the local industries, companies and firms in Niger Delta should be filled up with Niger Deltans weather skilled or unskilled so as to eradicate all forms of societal decadence.`

Niger Delta area: the purest water in the forest
Though the activities of dirty and tasty hunters has
Made you to taste shoddy.
Oh! What a pity, it seems the integrity of your
Nature is in vanity.
Nevertheless, this cannot happen in our contemporary
Society because we the Niger Deltans knows
The direction to sanity.

The bamboo stick that vomits fire owned
By unknown men who live in the desert
Cannot build a peaceful house rather it will continue
To increase fire and not to cease-fire.
Even if there is an unjust justice in the land
Jeopardy cannot resolve jeopardy.

Come out of the creek, your future is not
Blinking but full of blessings.
Your age-long- cries cannot go in vain but
Will release you to riches.
I know you have been brutered, murdered, slaughtered…
Please drop your bamboo sticks.

Dialogue is the only catalogue in this mission
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