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Monday, August 25, 2014

How to Browse the Internet With Little or No Money Using AIRTEL and MTN

1. How to get Airtel 160mb for just 100naira, dial *440*181#, 100naira will be deducted and you will be given 163mb, check your mb using *123*10#
b. How to get airtel 5mb 5naira dial *141*13*15#
c. How to get free 1MB from Airtel, just dial *141*13*1#

How to be Eligible for Airtel N1,500 for 4gb Data Plan Offer
To become eligible for this offer, simply dial *440*440# from your GSM. If you are lucky enough, you should get a message stating that you are eligible. Peradventure you are still not eligible after dialing the code, don’t panic, keep your SIM for some couple of weeks and then try again.
Now that you are eligible for this offer, load N1,500 on your Airtel Line and then dial *440*161# to enjoy 4GB of data plan for 60 days. Don’t forget to set your APN to  ‘internet.ng.airtel.com’, while password and username will be ‘internet’.
That’s all. Enjoy it while it last.


3gb MTN Free Data
MTN is currently given out 3GB data to customers on night weekends plan for one month.
Make you have more than 20 naira but not up to 300 naira.
Dial *123*3*1*5*2#

2. How to get MTN 5mb for 5naira you must be on mtn pulse, Dial *406# to migrate or send 406 to 131, then dial *406*1#, after exhausting it, dial *406*2#, then dial *440*1# again to renew it, be careful read their instructions including time to expire best time is during the day.

b. How to browse on facebook for free on your MTN send FB0 to 131 that 0 is zero, you wil get a message, ignore and go to your opera 4.5 or opera 7 or ucbrowser, type 0.facebook.com and start browsing for free.
c. How to get MTN on day 10mb data send 104 to 131 hundred naira will be deducted from your account.

MTN 2GO unlimited bundle now available for all 2GO users weekly or monthly. To enjoy this package kindly dial *662*4# costs you N25 for weekly plan and N60 for monthly plan.
More will be updated including all etisalat codes

Check out MTN Data plan: cheap and affordable; you can now browse your favourite websites including facebook and Twitter at a low cost.

For 25MB dial *112#       Cost N150
For 50MB Dial *113#      Cost N200
For 5MB Dial *406*1#    Cost N5 Naira

Note: The MB Last for only 24 hours. That means, if you subscribe by 10am today, the MB will finish by 10am tomorrow provided you did not exhaust it with heavy downloads.

To Opt out of 5MB Dial *406*2#. The 5MB expires 11.59pm daily.
Migrate to MTN PULSE by dialing *406# and enjoy 10MB weekly.

TAKE NOTE: Please the codes may be changed or blocked later in the future but if the tricks and codes works for you, Congratulations. 

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