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Monday, August 25, 2014

Meaning of Data and Bundle

 What are data and bundles?
Do you have an MTN, Glo, Airtel or Etisalat sim card, but you don't know how to activate their various data bundles? Many people don't and because of this they are wasting precious airtime (credit) browsing, cut back cost learn the individual bundle codes for each major telecom network in Nigeria. But first understand what is data or bundle, if you're familiar with it then skip this part if you aren't read it it's important you.

MB and GB explained
First Data in browsing context refers to a special type of airtime used for browsing the internet, it's packed in form of Mb(megabytes) and Gb(gigabytes), mb is lower than gb. Bundles on the other hand is a collective package of MB or GB(data) specifiying the exact amount of time, when, and how the data will last and be used, it gives all information required for easier management of your active data.
Why you should use data for browsing
Surfing the internet especially on phones, is costly if you use your airtime, for example average cost for 1 kilobyte of data is 15 kobo (NGA), the space used to load many website is under 50 kiloybte, do the maths 50 * 15= 350 kobo = under 50k to 1 naira= 7 naira, for just entering one website calculate it to number of times you refresh a page, chat with friends on 2go, Facebook, Nimbuzz and Whatsapp you will be spending about 200 Naira minimum.
With a data bundle you won't spend much infact one free bundle can last as long as 7 days (free because you only need to load a minimum of 100 naira and receive about 10mb data while your airtime will remain untouched) while paid ones can last as long as you like (ones you use your airtime to pay for). While others can be as short as 24 hours.
It's flexibile You get to choose how, when and where you'll activate it to browse. No problem there are different bundles for everyone

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