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Friday, August 22, 2014

What Interest People Most

Do you know what interest people most? Could it be to have the fastest bank account? Buy the best car in town, own a duplex, be a millionaire or what have you? The above mention scenarios are very different from what interest people most. What interest people most is THEMSELVES. They are largely concerned about their own good. Most people don't care about the welfare of others. Over 70% of the world population capitalizes about themselves.

In most hospitals, before a doctor starts treatment on accident victim or a patient, money must be deposited. He won't care if the patient is dying but care about his job and the hospital's policies. My question is; is the hospital policies or the doctor's job more important than a life?
Someone can own the whole world but if you take a critical view of his family, relatives or even friends they can't boast of a square meal a day. So many dreams are procrastinated before it comes through because of others. there are people who are talented in different areas of life like in; dancing, singing, modeling, writing, and sports, name them but their talent and dreams are still hanging. Some of this talented person even has rich relatives, friends and parents but the support is not there. Some people feel that if they help someone, that the person will end up being better than they are but that isn't true. Remember the line ' Givers never Lack'.

I love one of the US rappers SNOOP DOGG for one thing. He is dream groomer, he helped his nephew LIL BOW WOW to pursue his music career and get the best out of his dreams in life. Bow wow was just 9 when his uncle SNOOP DOGG wholeheartedly groomed him up in the music scene, he didn't had a biased mind that BOW WOW will someday be better than him but he took it as his responsibility to do so. Today where is SNOOP DOGG and BOW WOW? They are two superstars, though SNOOP remains BOW WOW'S mentor.

In a group, family or organization, when only one person is succeeding it means that he has not succeeded because others may not be 100% happy for him, some will even find ways on how to eliminate him or her. However, if this same person helps in one way or the other, no one will have any outlandish or strange feelings.

Let me tell you what happened in Southern Nigeria, a young man who was blessed with riches, he has the best of cars, Estates, companies, name them but he refused to carter for anyone not even his children education, he had an erroneous belief that he has everything to himself and nobody can help him in any way. However, the story continued when one of his sons managed to see himself through education and became a medical doctor. The Youngman who had paraded himself earlier on discovered that he is suffering from Sexually Transmitted Disease, which he contacted from one of his sex objects.

He went every nook and cranny in search of the cure of his ailment but nothing seems to work out. He sold almost all his belongings just to have himself cured but nothing still seems to workout. The juice is that his son whom he had earlier on denied education is the only qualified medical doctor to handle such ailments. What I'm I saying? what goes around comes around. I agree with Thomas Edison (one of the world greatest inventor) with his thought-provoking quote "show me a thoroughly satisfied man and I will show you failure" success is not all about having your present needs, it also about having your future needs.

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