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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Why It Is Very Important To Hibernate Your Laptop Or Computer

Hi folks, thanks for joining me in another edition of the EDESON ONLINE TUTORIALS series. In this edition, I am highlighting the importance of computer hibernation. Hibernation in computing is powering down a computer while retaining its state. Upon resumption, the computer is exactly as it was before entering hibernation. It also means avoiding the burden of saving unsaved data before shutting down and restoring all running programs after powering back on.

Most laptops go on automated hibernation when the battery is low but you can hibernate if you want to attend to urgent need and continue your work thereafter.

As we know, it is a bit difficult to shut down the computer all the time when we are on important work. Hibernate is similar to shutting down the computer. It saves the context in the hard drive and as soon as the computer is on, it loads the data from hard drive to the RAM.

Imagine you are uploading about 900MB video to Youtube using Glo network which is very slow, and at the same time you don’t have steady power supply. It can take you up to two days to upload.

If your battery is going down, instead of shutting down your laptop when the upload is about 50% or any percentage, HIBERNATE the laptop so that when you switch it on again the upload will start from where it stopped provided you are connected to the internet.

This will save you time of starting the upload all over after shutting down.

The above instance of uploading big video size also applies to installation of software, saving of heavy powerpoint or video files after production. No matter what you are doing, just hibernate. It will continue from where it stopped.

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Gbenga Peaghy Olayinka

Buy I have a bigger problem with my window o

Endy Edeson

what other issues your windows are having?

Gbenga Peaghy Olayinka

When I newly bought my system, I was able to browse with it very well, use my data for long hours even days buh after sometime, my data can't last 15min o

Gbenga Peaghy Olayinka

I search through google , found many answers buh still yet it drain my data

Gbenga Peaghy Olayinka

I switch off many background access, cut out automatic running of app of which I don't do before

Gbenga Peaghy Olayinka

Buh there is dis window defender that I can't restrict background action and it kept updating and never finish updating.

Gbenga Peaghy Olayinka

Is there anything else I can do to it, thanks?

Endy Edeson

First thing is, what kind of internet modern do you use? Sometimes, it's from the ISP (network provider). It does happen to me at times, what I do is to monitor the frequency of data usage. If it is 30 MB and what I am doing should be less than 4MB , I will disconnect it and wait until it normalise.

One of the ways to solve it, is to always keep an eye on the frequency of data use.

Gbenga Peaghy Olayinka

OK, sometimes I use modem, buh most of the time I use my phone hotspot. And I will even put it in over metered connection.

Gbenga Peaghy Olayinka

Thank you, the Hibernating does not work for window10
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