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Saturday, August 4, 2018

How To Live A Quiet And Peaceful Life

Hi guys, welcome to another edition of Edeson Motivation series . You can only be focused in achieving your goals if you have peace of mind. Environment plays a major role in moulding who we are. Find fulfillment in the simple things in life– spending time with friends, in nature, or creating something with your own hands.
Many of you know me as a blogger, website designer and professional freelancer. It may also interest you to know that I am a secular humanist, practising moralist, with no religious indoctrination. As a humanist, I thrive to do good and avoid anything that is bad.
People create their world around them and fill it with items. If you want to simplify your life, survey your surroundings and fill them with the things and people you need.
Have a few close friends. You don't need drama, fighting, and headaches.
Get rid of negative people in your life. Find people who make you happy, have goals, and that you have a lot in common with.
Stop looking back at the past. You DON'T live there anymore. Live in the moment, and cherish every memory and everything. Be thankful for what you have and stay calm.
Don't do things you like to do, if you know you'll regret later. For example, having sex with a minor is crime even if she consents to it because he or she is still not matured enough to make right decision. This is why big celebrities like R.Kelly and Bill Cosby are being humiliated despite their social status. You wouldn't want to tarnish your image because of temporary pleasure.
I have been living and working in Lagos State for many years without problems with people because I developed an intuitive knowledge on human relations. I can read minds of people through facial expressions and body language .
It is better to be preventive than defensive. Try and prevent avoidable problems from happening. This will help you stay focused.

Many people fight over nothing. The other day, I went to the bank to withdraw money in Lagos, a man and a woman fought and quarrelled endlessly because they both think they were next to withdraw money from ATM as the queue was much. In fact, the man threatened to call his wife to come to the bank to fight the woman. It was a serious quarrel. I was just watching in shock as bank security swung into action to separate them. This is how communal crisis starts, from minor issues like this.

If it were to be me, I will allow the person to withdraw first provided I will still withdraw . There is no gain in fighting. I know there could be compromising situations where you have to fight for your right but do it amicably without physical or verbal attacks. Let us all live in peace and unity.


Endy Edeson

Thanks David, have a blissful weekend

Oyintare Terry

How can we have amicably n peaceful society with forceful policies that can not can not work in our society?

Romoke Adegbuyi

Nice one dear
Tanks very much
The lord is ur strength, more grease to ur elbow

Olayiwola Daniel

Benefiting article from the boss

Endy Edeson

@Terry: Well, it depends on the policy. There is always an escape route in any bad policy. @Romoke: Thanks. Stay blessed. @Daniel: Thank you my brother

Mary Memmshima Kajo

Wonderful piece tnks

Endy Edeson

Awww Sister Mary, good evening. thanks

Precious Momoh

Carry go, u are looking good

Creo Fredmacs

I love the 'humanist' part. Beautiful piece.

Endy Edeson

@Precious. Thanks mummy. @Creo: Yeah, the thing with Humanists is, they always want to find solutions in the things of life and wants a peaceful world. The likes of Gates, Zuckerberg, Branson, Musk are all humanists.
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