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Saturday, August 4, 2018

Zimbabwe President Defends Victory As Opposition Cries Foul

Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Friday brushed off allegations that his election victory was tainted by fraud , hailing the vote as a fresh start for the country after the repressive rule of Robert Mugabe.
As defeated opposition leader Nelson Chamisa decried the official results as a sham, Mnangagwa, a former Mugabe ally , defended the vote and called for unity .
“ With the eyes of the world on us we delivered a free , fair and credible election , ” Mnangagwa told reporters .
He added that while “ no democratic process is flawless ” , Zimbabwe ’ s first post- Mugabe election was a far cry from the fraud -tainted polls seen during Mugabe’ s 37 years in power .

Final results showed Mnangagwa won 50. 8 percent of Monday ’ s vote against Chamisa’ s 44. 3 percent — a knife -edge 0. 8 percent above the threshold needed to avoid a run- off .
But Chamisa has insisted he was the winner of an election he condemned as “ fraudulent, illegal , illegitimate” .
“ We are not accepting fake results, ” he said , vowing to challenge the results through the courts.

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Johnson Ahile

let the opposition go to court.

Johnson Ahile

it is obvious the incumbent will win

Endy Edeson

Ahile, I think he will . imagine, more than 5 persons have died as a result of the election. quite sad

Emeka Falake

before will he say that the election wasn't rigged?
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