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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Nigerian Pilgrims Defrauded In Saudi Arabia Because Of Gold Teeth

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Nigerian pilgrims in Saudi Arabia have been defrauded of thousands of Saudi Riyal by unidentified expatriates while attempting to fix gold and silver teeth for them during hajj.

Although not part of the hajj obligations, fixing of artificial gold or silver teeth, which has been a fad among most Nigerian pilgrims since time immemorial, symbolises their visit to Saudi Arabia.
Besides, many of the pilgrims, mostly females who were not properly guided, also lost their Basic Traveling Allowances (BTA) to the same set of fraudsters, who unsuspectingly appeared to be assisting them to convert their dollar equivalents to Saudi currency.

About more than 20,000 pilgrims of the total 55,000 expected to participate in the 2018 hajj are already in the holy land for the spiritual exercise.
Confirming the ugly trend to journalists in Medina, leader of Kebbi State pilgrims, Alhaji Abubakar Argungu, said the illegal moneychangers deceived the pilgrims, especially the elderly people and dispossessed them of their BTAs.
some Pilgrims become so obsessed with gold or silver teeth, which he said unnecessarily exposed them to the fraudsters.

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Emeka Falake

govt is still sponsoring pilgrims?

Emeka Falake

just imagine what is happening in the holy city

Gbolahan Libra General

Hmmmmm Although I felt for them and that's what is good for them... Must they fix teeth up and down?
This is Disheartening, removing your natural teeth to fix artificial teeth all in the name of arriving from Hajj, just for show-ups. Even some get fake ones when they have never been offshore. They damage their gums and set themselves limitations nutrition-wise.
It's a lesson, it's not a must to fix your teeth, it doesn't determine your response or answers in prayer.

Endy Edeson

Well said Libra. This will teach others lesson

Oluwatoyin Obanla

Endy,am a Muslim and i can tell for free that those people that were swindled are FOOLS who also do not have the fear of God. The actual hajj rites which are the main the reasons they have gone there in the first place are expected to fully commenced tomorrow for the next ten days. These exercises are rigorous and compulsory for which failure to adequately participate in them could vitiate your hajj process and non of them has anything to do with coating of teeth that these passive Muslims have taken to be the priority at the expense what Almighty Allah needed from them. They chose to embarked on mundane things than the real substance just to come back and show off their teeth for people to know that they gone to Mecca. Na God CATCH them

Endy Edeson

@Obanla: If the gold teeth isn't part of hajj, why hasn't it been banned by National Hajj Commission of Nigeria? Before now, I actually thought it has a significant correlation in Islam

Ebygold Ebygold Ajaelo

Better for them, is fixing of gold teeth the reason why they travel to Arabia or what
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