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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Pastor Fatoyinbo: If God Tells Me Sowing of Seed Does Not Work, I Will Call Him A Liar

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A new video shared on Instagram shows Pastor Fatoyinbo saying, “If God appears to me, and tell me seed does not work.. I’d tell God, “Thank you” but seed works.

In another video, Fatoyinbo also tasked members of the congregation to sow a seed of $1000 (N360,000) each. He asked them to sow the seed to receive restoration and because the bible says the voice of the poor is not heard.
Is Biodun Fatoyinbo implying that he knows more than God?
How can you gather people in the name of God, then tell these same people that if that same God tells you something, you will ignore it?
Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo is definitely less traditional than the rest and arguably one of the most stylish pastors in Nigeria. From Gucci sweat shirts to perfectly tailored suits, Pastor Biodun has got it covered. Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo
is the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly, COZA church’s charismatic leader.

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Niyeck Nandack

Sometimes, I ask myself what goes on in the minds of people who attend such churches. Is it that they cannot read the bible on their own to discover the truth or are they hypnotised?
God have merci!

Chikwa Charge

Endy, are u sure that is original Cucci?

Julius O. Agajo

Pls its not by force. You can decide to die a mediocre or become a financial giant to impact lives positively to Gods Glory. I'm also sowing pls get me the link for my seed transfer. I'm very interested o beg. Keep bn critical. While we keep gettin results.

Vivian Otono

In Nigeria we have abt 276 languages or more. Lagos alone have abt 3,546 churches yet. The people suffers corruption hardship Mulder depression and I ask what's happening? Wrong teachings. Is this the example Jesus laid down for us? The Shepard who is suppose to guild the sheep's re killing the sheep's.

Boma Pepple-Uduebor

Let me go for my Mass.I'm proud Catholic

Emmanuel Conquer Oko Ewa Udu

Some pastors no longer have any thing tangible to tell their congregation.

Mohammed Awal Ishola

they read motivational books than Bible. its all about biz sense. can he believe the Paradise is bigger billion of times than the earth
u don't rationalise faith with rich dad poor dad idea. what dose it take to be a pastor? and a preacher?

John Orogun

We can see d signs of end time, it's only God that know his own

Oluwaseun King Sofoluwe

You will call God a liar. Isn't that a careless statement.
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