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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

President Buhari Hosts NYSC Members In Daura, Katsina

As part of the Sallah celebration, President Buhari, hosted NYSC members in Daura, Katsina state today August 21st.

You may recall that the Federal Government has declared Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd August as Public Holidays to mark the 2018 Eid-El-Kabir celebration.

There is a call on Nigerians both at home and abroad to support the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari in its determination in ensuring a peaceful and united Nigeria. President Buhari wishes Nigerians Happy Eid-El-Kabir celebration.

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Viceroy Marquez

So about the increment, can u confirm de news or just mere rumor

Endy Edeson

I think it is still under review @Viceroy

Anuforo Osinachi James

They don hammer be that.

DjLapel Shizu

See that Mugu put on mufti

Olufemi Adekunle Rotty

Dem go chop ram tire,but the man stingy, hin no go share money like dat other one. am sha.

Gbolahan Libra General

What I noticed here is ; despite the Buhari- led administrative criticism, rebelliousness, hatred, lambasting and humiliation. The masses especially the youths still find glory and amusing being with the number one Citizen.
His presence alone makes them carried away.
The ego and euphoria of snapping, meeting and shaking hands with the President has taken away their illness.
Hmmmmm The materialistic and mouth-running Nigerians.
We do like we're constant in action but affection takes the action.
And henceforth they won't abuse him again. They will begin to note his good side.

Thank God am on my own, not supporting or opposing anybody. All the best for NIGERIA

Nwigwe Ogochukwu Anne

Hmmm copers politicking... Cos of increase in alawi ..

Endee Saint Mark

Now APC is stealing the agenda of ACC sowore made this promise to increase alawi

Obiokor Nancy

Election strategy

Reuben Sampson

What was actually discussed during the “get-together”? I hope he even gave them transportation fare back to their houses....i know he's very stingy shaa
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