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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Theresa May To Visit Nigeria, South Africa & Kenya This Week

UK's Theresa May will lead an ambitious trip to Africa this week on her first visit to the continent as Prime Minister. She’ll be the first British Prime Minister to visit Sub-Saharan Africa since 2013, and the first to go to Kenya for over 30 years.

The Prime Minister’s central message will be focused on a renewed partnership between the UK and Africa, which will seek to maximise shared opportunities and tackle common challenges in a continent that is growing at a rapid pace from the Sahara to South Africa.

She will use a speech on the opening day of the visit in Cape Town to set out how to build a partnership side by side with Africa, particularly by bringing the transformative power of private sector trade and investment from the UK to a continent that is home to 16% of the world’s people but just 3% of FDI and 3% of global goods trade.

Prime Minister Theresa May said:
Africa stands right on the cusp of playing a transformative role in the global economy, and as longstanding partners this trip is a unique opportunity at a unique time for the UK to set out our ambition to work even closer together.
A more prosperous, growing and trading Africa is in all of our interests and its incredible potential will only be realised through a concerted partnership between governments, global institutions and business.
As we prepare to leave the European Union, now is the time for the UK to deepen and strengthen its global partnerships. This week I am looking forward to discussing how we can do that alongside Africa to help deliver important investment and jobs as well as continue to work together to maintain stability and security.
I am proud to be leading this ambitious trip to Africa and to become the first UK Prime Minister in over 30 years to visit Kenya.

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Yemisi Frank

I hope she won't call Buhari lifeless or a goat this time

Endy Edeson

Yemisi, she is not like Trump. Theresa is very diplomatic

Emeka Falake

let her bring more investment , not to take from us

Christian Chukwuka Anamali

Emeka Falake have they ever brought any investments to Nigeria that benefits the ordinary citizen aside politicians ????

Nigeria can ONLY be truly developed by 'Nigerians', ~ that is when Nigerian leaders are finally ready to start developing the nation, instead of just looting and looting away of public funds into private pockets as we have always had; and still have going on even in today's Nigeria.

Endy Edeson

Well said Anamali
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