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Thursday, September 27, 2018

CBN Withdraws Skye Bank’s Operating License

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has withdrawn the operating license of Skye Bank.
CBN Governor, Godwin Emefile announced the decision of Friday evening in Lagos.
Polaris Bank has been established to assume ownership of the assets and liabilities of Skye Bank. The Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation has injected N786bn in the new bank.
The management of the defunct bank was however retained for its good performance.
The defunct Skye Bank has been on CBN’s lifeline since July 2016 and the apex bank says it can no longer continue to intervene to keep the balance liquid.?
Emefiele said while the purpose of the CBN’s intervention in Skye Bank on July 4th 2016 has been achieved the decision to revoke the license of Skye Bank was due to failure of its shareholders to recapitalise the bank.

He said: “The focus of the action then was to save depositors’ funds and to ensure that the bank continued as a going concern, being a systemically important bank. Part of our intention was also to stem the imminent job losses to staff if a liquidation option had been adopted.
These objectives have been fully achieved and the bank has been able to meet customer obligations, having curtailed the liquidity haemorrhage and restored depositor confidence.
Indeed, the bank’s performance has improved considerably compared to the pre-July 2016 era.
“The result of our examinations and forensic audit of the bank has, however, have revealed that the Skye bank requires urgent recapitalisation as it can no longer continue to live on borrowed times with indefinite liquidity support from the CBN. The shareholders of the bank have been unable to recapitalize it.
“As a responsible and responsive regulator and in consultation with the Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation(NDIC), we have decided to establish a bridge bank, Polaris Bank, to assume the assets and liabilities of Skye bank. The strategy is for the Asset Manage.

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Emeka Falake

let me quickly go and withdraw my money from my skyebank account

Endy Edeson

no need to worry, your money is insured by NDIC @Emeka

Oginni Samuel Oluwaseun

Your money is safe. Emefiele is a good leader

Endy Edeson

That's right Oginni. Good evening. Quite sad that skyebank management couldn't save it.

Jeremiah Ademolu

What i love most in all this is customer money are safe

St Aafe

My family meeting money de dia ooooo

Emeka Ezennolum

Next is keystone bank

Anuforo Osinachi James

Kudos to CBN & NDIC...I hope that other regulatory agencies in Nigeria will be proactive as this. Not forgetting the immense role CPC & NCC has played thus far.
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