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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Comedians Bovi & I Go Dye Fight Over Uduaghan Senatorial Ambition

Few days ago, comedian Bovi called out I Go Dye on IG after the latter called out former governor of Delta state, Emmanuel Uduaghan, who is currently seeking to run for senate. IGoDye had berated Uduaghan over his poor performance while he was governor of Delta state for eight years.

Bovi went on IGoDye's comment section to ask him why he was making such an uncomplimentary statement about the former governor now that he is no longer in office. Bovi was of the opinion that IGoDye should have berated the ex-governor when he was in office.

I Go Dye called out Uduaghan for a number of things he did as a governor, including spending an exorbitant amount to buy generators to power an event center when he could have carried out the same project for way less.

In reply, Bovi reminded I Go Dye that he was friends with Uduaghan when he was governor and paid him numerous visits yet didn't give him the advice he is currently giving.

Yesterday, IGoDye took to his IG page to reply Bovi. In his response, IGoDye said Bovi had been paid to defend the ex-governor, referring to him as a “baby lawyer”.
“How much have you being paid to sell your hard YOUR hard earned reputation, as a beautiful Nigeria youth, that grew to become AKPO’S, now Bovi, only to be commissioned as a Baby lawyer by your favourite Governor Uduaghan? Someone whose children are graduating today in London while Delta State University is still in decay.”IGoDye wrote

Following IGoDye’s post, Bovi in a now deleted post, threatened to beat him up if he ever mention's his name again.
“Unlike you, I do not dabble in politics. It’s not my turf. My take on politics comes up mostly on stage. I’m friends with many governors and politicians simply because they love my work. The present Governor of Delta state was at my mothers funeral as our family’s guest. Unlike you, I have not gone to burden him with self-serving proposals. Please note that I didn’t bother his predecessor too. That’s always been your game. I was simply calling you out the way you called the governor out. Now look how you’re rattled and running all over the place! Francis, your legacy in the comedy industry cannot be questioned but your shallow intellect has never been up for debate. If you thought your actions through, you will know that after your multiple visits to the ex-governor, cap in hand, including the one you showcased only a portion of the video on the 30th of April this year, you have no moral standing to speak scathingly and publicly. PS- if you ever mention my children again, I will physically beat you up.”

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Yemisi Frank

bovi is arguing for his interest in uduaghan

Endy Edeson

well, you are right Yemisi. It is all about Interest

Oluwatoyin Obanla

Endy,don't hesitate to give us the next series because this is interesting and i am loving it

Endy Edeson

Obanla; I am now a cinema showing Bovi & I Go Dye ? Hahahahaha. No wahala . Edeson Cinemas coming soon 😂

Agbemelo Okechukwu Pero


Atoyebi Abass Akinloye

I go die always speaks taugh, he doesn't take shit from politicians.

Olayemi Fathybaba

it comedy jor even deo they start fighting nd giving demselv blow in public piple lyk us wil c it ax a comedy dat dey re desplaying. bkox if al dis comedains re crying piple wil beliv mayb dey re racking jokes ax usual

Monday Onoja

Let them fight

Teju Osawemen

Play play fight, to draw attention. Mtcheeeew I am not interested. After dragging this for some months, they will call Alibaba and AY to come and settle it.
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