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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Despite Buhari Order Not To Arrest Him, Police Say Senator Adeleke Is Not Free

Today, the Nigeria Police force reacted to the order issued by President Buhari restricting the force from inviting Senator Ademola Adeleke of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.
Speaking on Good Morning Nigeria, a programme on NTA, Jimoh Moshood, Police spokesperson, opined that the President’s order does not clear Adeleke from the alleged crimes, noting that he could be invited any time the force want.
Recall that the PDP aspirant for the forthcoming Osun gubernatorial election was on Wednesday accused of examination malpractice after West African Examination Council, WAEC, had cleared and confirmed that he sat for the 1981 council’s exams. In view of that Police declared him wanted.
However, through the intervention of Buhari on Wednesday, Police withdrew from further investigation on the matter. But reacting to the order issued by Buhari not to invite him pending when Osun election is over
, Jimoh averred that Mr. President’s order does not exonerate Adeleke from his allegation.

In his words, “there is no time limit to arrest a suspect any suspect that has been accused or there is allegation of an offence can be invited at any time. Police action terminates when a matter has been taken to court. We have filed charges in court and the matter is off our hands".

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Meroyi Meroyi

Deceit and hypocrisy!

Nwosu Uzoma

Who won arrest who person wey no get certificate, wey no see school gate won arrest the one wey sit for examination hmmn naija

Jeremiah Ademolu

They want to arrest Adeleke but forget to ask if their Master went to school at all

Chidimma Rich

Jubril (in camouflage as Buhari) did not give any order.

Olabisi Oreyomi

The spokesman is right. The president can not order the police force not to carry out their duties.

If adeleke is found wanting, he should be prosecuted.

Jerry Maka

Election issue 🙌I hand up 🚘this motor wait

Daniel Orji

i have diffrent view, recall that buhari was also acused of fake waec result earlier, i think he(pmb) is aiding adeleke to protect himself#he who live in a glass house dont throw stones!! pmb is just being smart in this case. my opinion thou

Anuforo Osinachi James

Make una no suffer una sef. This is a poltical game plan.

Bussy Duro

Who says he's not free who are they telling lies to?
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