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Monday, September 17, 2018

INEC To Ban Use Of Smart Phones At Polling Unit

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) may ban the use of smart phones at polling units as the 2019 general election draws near. This was made known by the chairman of the electoral body, Mahmood Yakubu, on Thursday, at an Election Dialogue Series organised by a civil society organisation, YIAGA’s WatchingTheVote, at Sheraton Hotels in Abuja.
Mr Yakubu said the move was to curb vote buying during an election. He explained that as voters collect the ballot papers to cast their votes, their mobile devices will be carted away from them because those who carry mobile phones along to polling units normally use them to take pictures of the ballot papers as evidence to the vote buyers.

”The commission would try and ban the use of some devices that aid vote buying on election day such as mobile phones,” Mr Yakubu said while addressing the audience.

”It is all widespread that for those who have smart phones, they go into the voting cubicles with there smart phones, thumbprint the ballot paper, take a picture with the ballot paper, fold it and drop it into the box, and later show it to the person who asked them to vote to see evidence that they have voted for there candidate.
”But I also think that the political parties may be for a shocker because there are also smart guys in Nigeria that would snap and send to others through whatsapp and one ballot paper may be claimed by hundreds of people.
“We are looking at that possibility to tell citizens that have smart phones not to come to polling units on election day with the smart phones.”

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Uroko Victor Onuora

Buhari is only trying to conduct the election away from international eyes and observers..,without smartphones no eye witness videos or online monitoring of electoral activities.., they've already started gagging the media.., CHANNELS TV was visited yesterday by the minister LIAR MOHAMMED.., soon they'll clamp down on social media and bloggers..,then they'll have Nigeria where they want it. ,next is their OWN style of election.., make buhari do and come complete his 8yrs make we rest jare..,we survived abacha..,he's own na akamu case

Jesse Osayande Vucinic Ehiagwina

It's not to stop rigging. It's to stop people from recording illegal activities

Endy Edeson

@Ben, Jesse, Uroko; You guys are right. Voters will be distracted with their smartphones as some will record or take photos to show off on social media.

Uroko; You have a HUGE POINT there.

Uroko Victor Onuora

Endy..,I grew up into politics.., but I've never met the current govt kind of politics except in some African countries..,this is a politics played by a selected hardened few with a burning hatred for a certain class of people whom they've sworn not to see at any exco position in Nigeria at all..,they'll stop at nothing to achieve this..,where and how does it leave us the masses.,CASUALTIES?..,.,let's be watching as the drama unfolds and also pray the present govt doesn't end up being all they ever preached against.., ekiti was a test case..,they silenced fayose..,bought votes etc..,rivers state followed and just like the clamp down on smartphones were enforced nobody got to know the exact number of casualties in rivers election.., we are watching

Mac David Akwuking

let's see if it works

Engr Chamberline Chidiebere

No this one is rig procedure, if INEC is neutral let them allow smart phones because if you are doing wrong someone by your side will picture u and post it on net ,the whole world will see it

Akintoye Adebareh Abdul Akeem

It bad thing. How does phone help with rigging?

Ben Otas

Endy Edeson I agree with you but the presence of smartphones by the electorates makes both INEC officials and security agents to be careful in whatever they do at the polls, it appears like a check on their activities.

Anuforo Osinachi James

This looks like a strategy for effective rigging.

Hope Adimin

To curb rigging why not computerize so people can use their finger print to vote.

No two persons have same finger print. Also you have to be present physically to vote cos of the finger printing, more so, computer will rejects your votes if you are not on system/not registered or the right person. Well b4 this can take place, they have to have the Datas of all Nigerians eligible to vote.

The way Nigerian conduct Elections, their attitude shows they don’t mind wiping out the whole Nation just for power.

Politics is not suppose to be like that, but it is what is it.
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