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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Most Men Who Don't Like Big Butt Have Little Dicks – 50 Cent

50cent believes that most men that do not like women with huge butts, actually have small penis. He posted this photo of his "son's teacher" with a big butt and wrote.

''I told my son’s new teacher call me if he act up in class. Then told my son act up in class or it’s your ass when you get back to the house. LOL ?get the strap #lecheminduro
It may interest you to know that 50 Cent Penis is reportedly “medium-long” . Not bad.

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Betty Michael Esene

hmmmmmmn so thats 50 cent's son class teacher??, so 50cent nw resides in Nigeria, isnt our God wonderful, Mr Endy pls stop feeding us fake news, nt everybody is daft na

Endy Edeson

Come on Betty, be civil. My slogan is : News Stories You Can Trust. I verify all my post . So, don't accuse me of spreading fake news. Thank you.

Betty Michael Esene

So u're actually saying that, that is 50cent son class teacher, smh,

Endy Edeson

Yes Betty, google it. He is even the person that shared it on his Instagram page. I appreciate your comment. I know you didn't intend to say it's fake news. Even me too was like, huh? what kind of school is that? A whole 50cent?

Betty Michael Esene

Ok! Noted, If thats true, then its a Fake insta page, I would never believe that, that is is son class teacher

Ehikamhen Austin

Let dem know. .. .. as it yansh hhhhhhh!

Ehikamhen Austin

50 cent is a lover of very big ass, you take a flip on his past videos real life documentaries then you'll understand where he's coming from.
For me I like 50 cent's original attitude in everything about him.

Ejiofor Ifeoma

Is it true men of this forum answer biko lol

Ehikamhen Austin

If man no get good dick size wetin e gain!?...

Creo Fredmacs

Wahala dey ooo! He could be right...you know. The major fears that most men with small "Captain Dickson" have is that:

1. They get highly intimidated at the sight of gigantic ship; hence the feeling that their small captain might possibly not be incapable of steering the massive ship.

2. Length matters a lot too; if you must move a mighty ship, breadth (or say the thickness) of the Captain is essential; cuz you wouldn't want a wimpy captain who would die in the sea in heat of the moment, mid-way into the real storm.

So I would personally say he's right bro.
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