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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Buhari Praises China Over Investments In West Africa

President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday expressed the appreciation of ECOWAS member states for China’s increasing investment in the sub-region with the aim of building a prosperous and shared future. The President was speaking at the opening of the High-Level Dialogue between Chinese and African leaders and business representatives in Beijing, China.
He noted that China was the largest investor in the sub-region in both private and public sectors, covering areas such as infrastructure, energy, agriculture, mining and healthcare.
According to him, China also provides significant assistance in emergency humanitarian aid and response to climate change.

He said: “Various construction projects are now ongoing in the sub-region, including the construction of railway projects, power infrastructure, airports and numerous
roads through Chinese financing.

“While it is pertinent to mention that member states of ECOWAS are at different stages of development, President Xi Jinping’s recent visit to our sub-region has highlighted the need for even closer collaboration.

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Johnson Ahile

nice one china. hope the quality of the construction is okay

Endy Edeson

Ahile, Chinese products are one of the best in the world. the ones we nigerians buy are fake made by ... probably not China

Bukola Tunde

china always want to take over , i trust buhari he won't sign any how

Aberuagba Thelma

Yes,their products are great,i do import from China

Endy Edeson

@Thelma: you import from China? that's cool. I hope the tariffs are not high.
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