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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Obaseki Attracts & Inspires Investors For Edo State Despite Sleeping At UN Meeting

Edo’s Investment opportunities inspire investors at Obaseki’s meeting with global business leaders. The growing profile of Edo State in the global business community caught the fancy of global business leaders during their meeting with Governor Godwin Obaseki on the side-lines of the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly holding in New York, the United States of America.

Edo State’s unique selling point at the Nigeria Investment Roundtable in New York, as articulated by the governor, is the emerging barrier-free investment climate occasioned by massive reforms across all sectors which have earned the state higher rating on the ease of doing business index.

Though, Edo Governor Godwin Obaseki despite attracting investors, has been ridiculed on social media after pictures of him dozing off at the United Nations General Assembly meeting in America.
The First Man of Edo State has joined the long list of public office holders caught on camera sleeping during important public functions. Very soon, memes will be made out of his pictures to crack the ribs of social media users. The Edo State Government reacted to pictures of Govenor Godwin Obaseki sleeping while President Muhammadu Buhari was delivering his speech at the United Nation’s conference in New York.

A statement signed by Crusoe Osagie, the special adviser to the governor on media and communication strategy, said Mr Obaseki can also experience fatigue and exhaustion, an indisputable fact of life, to which all humans are susceptible.
“Our attention has been drawn to a mischievous campaign designed to smear the image of the Edo State Governor, Mr. Governor Obaseki.

“The disparagers have populated the internet with photographs of the governor when he momentarily succumbed to fatigue after a long flight, preceded by a chaotic itinerary in Edo State before heading to New York for the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly, in the United States of America.
“The idle hands and mischievous minds behind the smear campaign against governor Obaseki are clearly not people to be taken seriously.”

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Endy Edeson

@jESSE: The investors must have been convinced at UN meeting before such agreement

Jesse Osayande Vucinic Ehiagwina

Endy, even if there is any agreement I know it won't be to the benefit of the state. More debts and less developmental projects. Seen this movie under Oshiomhole. Edo state is a joke and has little to make you want to invest there other than to take away what you can.

Okorite Cotterell

Shame on him, na by force to attend the summit? Look at a sleeping Gov. Apc is in shit.

Endy Edeson

@Okorite: I doubt if Trump or Macron can sleep in crucial meetings. I believe they have good health management

Olufemi Adekunle Rotty

The investors are coming to set up a factory that manufacture world class bed.

Ben Otas

Sleeping on duty,

Councillor Uyiosasere Eboigbe


Bode Sanusi Haruna

You really can't cheat nature! Some of these trips are so hectic with activities eating deep I to the night with these people working almost 24hrs to prepare the President's event's papers while he is resting!

KayKay BigShow Maduka

Abeg na too much carbohydrate dey cause am. Tell him I've got a solution.

Dennis A Robert

The meeting was boring I guess
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