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Thursday, October 11, 2018

How Masturbation Helps A Pretty Lady Ease Stress At Work

Nadia Bokody, 34, has revealed the 'amazing' way she passes relaxes when stressed up at work. The sex columnist and editor, said, when she is stressed she finds a place to masturbate and after the act she feels relaxed and happy.
In a post she shared on social media, Nadia explained how and why she does it. She revealed that when she’s feeling a little tense, or sexually frustrated while sitting at her desk, she slips out to masturbate.
“When other colleagues are busy, I’m masturbating, rubbing my clitoris” she writes.
“If it’s lunch time, I’ll quickly go and masturbation with my vibrator, until my stresses are eased.
She also said there are scientifically proven benefits related to masturbating.
“A study published in The Journal Of Sexual Medicine found orgasms
are actually better for the brain than typical mental exercises, like Soduku and crossword puzzles,” she explains.

“This is because, during a climax, blood flow is boosted to every single part of the brain, whereas mental exercises only stimulate certain regions. In other words, if your employer wants to beat the 3p.m. workplace productivity slump once and for all, they should seriously consider implementing a masturbation break policy for women.”

Nadia made it clear that she’s not bothered about breaking any workplace etiquette rules either.

“The fact is, what you do alone behind the closed door of your office restroom cubicle is really none of your employer’s business, provided you’re not doing it outside of your break time. So, masturbate away, I say”, she said.



Bem Ternguemo Tim


Onuh Jude

And so abnormalities have become normalities...

Enyinda Nathaniel Okey

Only a nymphomaniac would be so pressed as to seek such remediation even at work I think it is a psychological (even psychiatric) case. Let us be realistic here.. we are talking about office. If sex affects one during the hours of making a living, this is perversion

Frank Imeh

well, theres no harm in trying... It works for her dosnt mean that next person is garranteed. Anyways its 50 50 try it or leave it, the pork meat u cnt go a day witout eating is forbiden by sumone else.. Thats life...
Mr endy, pls let me use ur stressfreeroom. Lol

Daniel Orji

@tunde rasaq, there is no hypocrisy or judgement about this! what is it to take pride of in masturbation, does it potray maral value? sex life itself is private, talk less of masturbation, it does not worth making public...i think she need help
1WowReplyDeleteReportOct 6 at 10:16 AM

Prince Chuks Agu

Nadia Bokody or whatever she's called is an agent of Satan.How can she masturbate at home and coming to do thesame in her working place.She needs a powerful man of God for prayers because she don't know what she's doing atall.She's not the one doing it,but been manipulated by marine spirit. #Hi ladies do not imitate her pls.because it is like a communicable disease !

Aberuagba Thelma

She needs true love

Dunks Chuks

Endy Edeson what has diverse and dynamic society got to do with this???? Bro there are more educative and diverse informations out there: since you where born have you ever seen computer in a Nigerian police station?

Agunsoye Ewaoluwa Keren

Hummm!!! I comment my reserve with All this comment.๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿคจ
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