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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Shock As APGA Disqualifies Kanayo O kanayo, APC Disqualifies Kenneth Okonkwo

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has disqualified popular Nollywood actor, Kenneth Okonkwo from contesting for Enugu governorship election in 2019 following his inability to purchase the nomination and expression of interest forms. It was gathered that Kenneth Okonkwo has been begging his party members to help him out but all to no avail.
According to a source close to the popular actor,
“Whathappened was that he was hoping to get a waiver but we told him that the Party does not wave fees. Not just in APC but in every party you go, all the aspirants are expected to come up with their money to fund their nomination forms."

" Those that don’t want to come out themselves will tell you a group bought for them. In this case, Kenneth did not purchase his form by the deadline talk
more of coming for screening..., " the source said. The All Progressives Congress Party had set their nomination forms fees for Governorship aspirants at N22m.
Recall that the popular Nollywood Actor was heavily criticized after he said that the Igbos will continue to wander in the wilderness if they fail to vote for president Muhammadu Buhari come 2019 election.

Similarly, Kanayo o. Kanayo a popular Nollywood Actor has been disqualified by his Party, All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) from running for Ahiazu/Ezinihite Federal Constituency in Mbaise Imo State..
Reason for his disqualification haven't been ascertained yet.
Details in our subsequent news bulletins.



Uroko Victor Onuora

Its quite an impossibility for a NOBODY to break into the sphere of Nigerian politics least of all ENUGU politics.., Kenneth was never an opponent in any way..,for buhari to ever scratch the close knitted web that is Enugu politics he'll need to come with a formidable opponent and Kenneth was quite under that cadre..,had it been they could convince the immediate past governor Sullivan chime to run then PDP will Ne history under a second.., I thought that was what oshiomohle would've have done were he a strategist but alas he prefer the much crude pattern of everybody put on a glove and fight it out then the man with the heaviest punch wins..,if ever APC wanted to take Enugu Sullivan chime would've done it fair and square.., the present governor of Enugu state is just dundering along like a blind man .,he might gave good agendas but he's surrounded by incompetency in cabinet and exco..,which he employed and fosters because he needs to empowerment his PEOPLE.., Enugu state is predictable at the moment.., quite predictable.., we voted in the present governor at the say so of the immediate past governor which everybody knows was and is still the best thing that happened to Enugu state..,bring him back into the ring and Enugu will fall to APC..,period

Chibuike Gabriel Chineke

Lols! These guys are funny!

Olatunji Lawal Gbolahan

Mr Endy nothing is shock there

Ibrahim A Bukar


Ednap UgwuStan

Kanayo is the man to beat while the other one Kenneth efulefu is still living in bondage over 20 years after may the good God show him mercy

Daniel Orji

wow! ken okonkwo made a misguided statement to say the igbos will coninue to wander if they dont reelect pmb. have he participated in grassroot politics?
in the other hand, its a proove that not too young to run might not be possible in nigeria, how many youth can afford 22m??

Amaka Miracle

Good for him

Ogbodo Henry C

Politics kno b movie

Aniebonam Ify

This Kenneth own sweet me die hahahahahah let baba pay for him

Kiedzu O Endurance

I believe KANAYO is thinking of using APGA for ritual by now... (This is not my handwriting o)

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