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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Yoruba Actress Mercy Aigbe Denies Having Sex With Ambode To Buy A House

Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe has reacted to a report from SDK indirectly alleging that she is having an affair with governor, and that he got her the mansion she showed off few months ago.
The report got many people bashing her for 'deceiving' people that she got the house herself.
Well, she has this to say;

"WORD! No one saw all my late night shoots! Shooting almost 24hrs, No one saw my being on set back to back!!!!.....No one saw all those times I carry Goods on my head in London, LA, New York, Turkey, Vietnam and all... No one sees my endorsements and influencing deals......
Almost 15years as an Actor, I buy a house, they see it as a big deal! They try to tag every wealthy man they know to my Sucess because they just can’t comprehend how and why a woman should be successful ......

Y’all wait till I open my Complex, then maybe y’all will kuku take poison untop my matter ���
I am just getting started. Abeg that miracle that will leave people in awe, confusion to the extent that they will start insinuating and speculating all sorts.... just cos they can’t fathom what the lord has done for you, may the lord grant it unto you IJN !"

She continued, saying she bought the house with her hard work and God's grace;
"Dear Bloggers, the mumu upcoming script writer! and association of instablog bad belle, jobless commentators....this house you see in this picture was bought with my hard work and God's grace........since you have taken it upon yourselves to be in my business, pls employ a very good private investigator, a pastor, an Alfa or a Babalawo to help you in further you won't be peddling stupid rumours that has no iota of truth in it!....let me quickly warn you that more is coming oh!!! Because something HUGE is cooking ����



Omogbolahan Angelralph Oluwapamilerinayo

If she likes she likes she should sleep with Warren buffet nothing concern me. She has her life to live and she should enjoy it to the fullest.

Endy Edeson

Omogbolahan: You are right right. She has a right to liberty but people should also learn to live by morals

Amegassi Muh'd Jummai


Endy Edeson

@Jummai: Yeah, that is the message she should be receiving for buying a house, not the image damaging

Anita Okonkwo

their problem

Okwy Maria

People will always talk... Make sure to make it worth their while😆😆😏

Hafeez Adeyemo

Life is complex so this need to happen, more keys my dear...

Blessing Ebio

She has time to narrate story,as a public figure all side talks will be expected more wins to all of us
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