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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Iyiola Omisore Reacts As Afenifere Suspends Him For Supporting APC

The governorship candidate of the Social Democratic Party in Osun State, Iyiola Omisore, has reacted to his one year suspension from the Pan Yoruba social political organization, Afenifere. Omisore’s suspension is coming due to his alliance with the All Progressives Congress at the rerun stage of the recent Osun state poll.

The SDP governorship candidate who came third in the September 22nd inconclusive election, backed the APC, which was trailing the Peoples Democratic Party then by 353. The APC eventually won the election, due to the support of the SDP candidate who got his supporters to vote for the APC during the rerun poll.

Afenifere, however, declared that Omisore who is a chieftain in the organisation went against the decision
of the group which asked him not to support the APC.

However, Omisore while reacting to the organisation’s decision said he was not aware of the purported one year suspension order placed on him.

“I’m unaware of the pan-Yoruba group’s directives because we also have bonafide, notable and active APC members in Afenifere,” Omisore said in a statement on Tuesday night.

“The interest of Osun SDP was the development of the state, and of the two parties involved in the rerun election, it was the APC that agreed to implement the SDP’s manifestos, the reason the decision was made,” he added.

The SDP governorship candidate, said his decision to form an alliance with the ruling party few days to the conduct of a rerun exercise of September 27 was the outcome of the resolution passed by his party.

“It was the Osun Social Democratic Party (SDP) that passed a resolution for a coalition agreement with the All Progressives Congress (APC), which is the party’s supremacy in decision making,” Omisore said

Omisore, therefore, affirmed that he is “yet to be informed on the so-called Afenifere’s suspension” which he said “bypassed the principle of fair hearing.”




Johnson Ahile

SO AFENIFERE IS A PDP social political group?

Endy Edeson

AHILE: I don't think so. Maybe, the group wants to remain neutral. Omisore deviated from the warnings of Afenifere regarding the election.

Joshua Ola

Very soon he will be formally informed of his suspension Traitor Omisore

Rafmons Agba


Endy Edeson

@Agba: Thanks. That's why they are angry with Omisore for being One Sided.

Niyeck Nandack

Endy, you are right. Afenifere is politically neutral. The stark illiterates who are quick to accuse AFENIFERE of flirting with PDP cannot even read the reaction of Omisore. He said: " we also have bonafide, notable and active APC members in AFENIFERE . I know the common denominator to all of them is RESTRUCTURING.

Endy Edeson

Niyeck, Thanks, I guess they didn't read that part of the article. Though, I know they are literates . Thanks 😎

Oluwatoyin Obanla

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