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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Michelle Obama Had Miscarriage, Used IVF To Conceive Daughters

In vitro fertilisation (IVF ) is a process of fertilisation where an egg is combined with sperm
outside the body, in vitro ("in glass"). The process involves monitoring and stimulating a
woman's ovulatory process, removing an ovum or ova (egg or eggs) from the woman's ovaries
and letting sperm fertilise them in a liquid in a laboratory. The fertilised egg (zygote ) undergoes
embryo culture for 2–6 days, and is then transferred to the same or another woman's uterus,
with the intention of establishing a successful pregnancy.

Some countries banned or otherwise regulate the availability of IVF treatment, giving rise to

fertility tourism . The first successful birth of a child after IVF treatment, Louise Brown ,
occurred in 1978. Louise Brown was born as a result of natural cycle IVF where no stimulation
was made.

Former US First Lady Michelle Obama has released a memoir in which she reveals difficulties
about her marriage and pregnancy with her two daughters.
In the book, Becoming, Mrs Obama reveals that she had a miscarriage and used in vitro
fertilisation to conceive both children, Malia and Sasha. Mrs Obama told ABC's Good Morning
America she felt "lost and alone" after her miscarriage 20 years ago.
She also criticised Donald Trump for "putting my family's safety at risk". Mrs Obama and her
husband, former President Barack Obama, sought couples therapy, she also revealed for the
first time in her 426-page book, which will be released on Tuesday.
Mrs Obama, a former lawyer and hospital administrator, told ABC that after her miscarriage, "I
felt like I failed because I didn't know how common miscarriages were because we don't talk
about them.

"We sit in our own pain, thinking that somehow we're broken," she said, adding that "it's
important to talk to young mothers about the fact that miscarriages happen".
She said that when she was around 34 years old, she realized that "the biological clock is real"
and that "egg production is limited", which made her decide to seek in-vitro fertilisation.
"I think it's the worst thing that we do to each other as women, not share the truth about our
bodies and how they work," Mrs Obama told ABC's Robin Roberts on Good Morning America.
On her marriage. Mrs Obama revealed that the couple's relationship struggled at times,
especially after her husband joined the state legislature, leaving her at home where she was
forced to administer IVF shots herself. "Marriage counselling for us was one of those ways 
where we learned how to talk out our differences," she told ABC.

"I know too many young couples who struggle and think that somehow there's something wrong
with them. And I want them to know that Michelle and Barack Obama, who have a phenomenal
marriage and who love each other, we work on our marriage. "And we get help with our marriage
when we need it."




Endy Edeson

@Maria: Maybe, she was looking for the right time with the right frame of mind to REVEAL IT. She really tried in keeping it as secret . Though, it will help others not to be ashamed of certain things in life, relationship and marriage

Johnson Ahile

This will encourage lots of women having fertility issues go for IVF

Bem Ternguemo Tim

Am never their fan!!

Endy Edeson

@Bem; why? Are you for Democrats ?

Ednap UgwuStan

They are bad couple with innocent girls in their custody

Endy Edeson

Ednap UgwuStan How are they bad couple?

Browayson John Sr.

Hmm, who knows maybe if this truth had come up when she was first lady, would she have agreed or say yes it was true that she did this?.. Cos their administration was one of the worst in America even as d 1st black president /first lady. Sad but true.

Endy Edeson

Browayson John Sr.Browayson John Sr. Is it because Obama is for LGBT? Was his administration bad based on moral grounds ?

Browayson John Sr.

He tried though but Yea, that of legalizing LGBT was just so shocking to the entire world & d history book makers that the 1st African American president of the US would do such a thing. That act spoke volumes & raised eyebrows, questions & doubts about what he stood for. And also his involvement in d killing of Libya's Muammar Ghadaffi was bad, cos we were made to believe that Ghadaffi was the problem of Libya, but alas he was their problem, hindering them frm further exploits in Africa & Africans that was why he was eliminated. Amongst others...

Fiona Ekpo Paul

Thank God she had children
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