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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Nigerian Pastor Timothy Omotoso Rape Trial Resumes In South Africa

A televised rape trial in South Africa has prompted a furious public backlash after a witness - who says she was raped by her pastor from the age of 14 - was subjected to a lengthy and, at times, aggressively intimate cross-examination by the lawyer representing a 60-year-old Nigerian televangelist, Timothy Omotoso, who denies the allegation.

Over the weekend, Mr Omotoso's church, in the coastal city of Port Elizabeth, was forced to shut its door after angry crowds besieged the building, while a Sunday newspaper reported that the woman who gave evidence against him - Cheryl Zondi, now a 22-year-old student - had received death threats ahead of the trial.

The trial - the first prominent rape case to be broadcast live in a country where
more than 100 rapes are reported to the police each day - has attracted huge interest, and raised difficult questions about victims' rights, impartiality and whether justice is best served by having television cameras in courtrooms.

Anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela's granddaughter, Ndileka Mandela - who said in 2017 that she had been raped by a former boyfriend - is one of many South African women who have voiced support for Ms Zondi, linking her experience to the global #MeToo movement.
"I really feel pain for this young woman and I am so proud to see how courageous she's been on the witness stand," Ms Mandela told South Africa's Sunday Times newspaper.
Mr Omotoso and two female co-accused, from the Jesus Dominion International church, based in South Africa's Eastern Cape, are facing 97 charges, ranging from sexual assault to rape and human trafficking. They deny all the charges.

The church - one of a growing number of evangelical ministries in the country, promising miracles and prophecies for its followers - is known for its videos of uniformed young women singers, some of whom have appeared on the Idols SA television contest.
Since it began last week, the nation seems to have stopped in its tracks to follow the trial, and social media erupted in support and sympathy for Ms Zondi.
She was the first prosecution witness and told the court, with great composure, that Mr Omotoso - quoting the psalms and threatening God's anger if she did not comply - had allegedly repeatedly raped her a year after she had joined his church as a child.




Endy Edeson

@Amobi; Well, this kind of case tells us all to be careful in our daily lives. Most people don't know children have retentive memory of how they are treated. When they grow up, they either love or hate the act.

Amobi Onyeje

I purposely put this question to you because I know perfectly well that most of ur followers will not comment on this news simple because he's a pastor.

Ituah O. Eromosele

Omotosho disgraced we Nigerian in SA. He should rot in jail. Fake pastors

Endy Edeson

@Amobi; I understand , religion is tagged with lots of sentiments . @Ituah, It's quite sad. A pastor, hmmmm It's really quite sad

Toolz Charley

Story story everyday

Onyekachi Charles

I smell foul poo. But lemme keep quiet. That man might be innocent tho

Endy Edeson

@Charles ; Yeah, he is innocent until found guilty by court of competent jurisdiction 😎

Nwigwe Ogochukwu Anne

Hmmmm so dis bad pastors done carry dia wahala go outside d country...happy d case is not lying low.

Vivian Otono

If this allegation is true, the Pastor should b jailed.

Ambali Monsur Kayode

All is best know by almight Allah am a Muslim but God ask us not to judge without a clear evidence. Remember dis world of our is full evil plans against each i have not say he is not guilt or he is guilt. Bt be careful of ur judgment, ur thoughts n ur conclusions on dis matter. Cos God is d best seer n best Justice on dis kind of matter ok. Cos god knows wat is hidden behind. We all just have a physical eyes n not a inner eyes.i will say God should take his step on d matter...
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