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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Cherubim And Seraphim Church To Establish University In Kwara State

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The proposed university(Moses Orimolade University) was being spearheaded and would be financed by the C&S Movement Church Worldwide.

The Cherubim and Seraphim movement church, also known as the C&S, is a church denomination in Nigeria that was founded by Moses Orimolade Tunolase in 1925. Orimolade received considerable media attention when he claimed to have healed a girl, Christina Abiodun Akinsowon, from a long-term trance in which she could neither speak nor hear. The Cherubim and Seraphim group claims to have dreams and visions that facilitate the connection of God and humanity. In 1925, they said that Jesus Christ had directed them to name their circle of followers seraphim, after an angel they claimed to have seen in their dreams.
The founder, Moses Orimolade Tunolase, was born in 1879, into the quarters of the royal family of Omoba Ode Sodi of Okorun quarters, in Ikare, Nigeria. Records show that Orimolade's life began strangely. 

When he was born, his parents had mixed feelings. They were excited about the new addition to their family, but were also embarrassed because of the strange circumstances that surrounded his birth. According to records, "The new child stood up right after his birth and walked around the delivery place. The midwife that helped with his delivery held him down forcefully to stop him from walking. Members of the Cherubim and Seraphim believe that the force of the midwife, in addition to some incantations made by his herbalist father to calm him down on the day he was born, led to Orimolade's "prolonged paralysis". Because his father could no longer bear the embarrassment surrounding his son's birth, he asked Orimolade and his mother to leave his house for good, after which he planned to commit suicide, but was discouraged by family members. Family members claimed that it was not hard to tell that he had a little time left to live.

The proposed university(Moses Orimolade University) was being spearheaded and would be financed by the C&S Movement Church Worldwide. Adeoti described the church’s intervention in education sectors as very timely, saying the current tertiary institutions in the country, especially universities, were inadequate. 

“The issue is that in the next 15 years, the population of Nigeria is likely to double its present population according to the United Nations (UN) statistics. “If the universities do not grow correspondingly with the population, it means we will have problems in the education sector,” he said. Rev. Samuel Abidoye, the Spiritual Leader of the church, said that the church would channel its available resources toward an accelerated completion of the project. He added that the church would spend about N300 million on the college’s building project that would last 18 months to complete. (NAN)



Egwumah Negedu Neg's Them no go see customers ooo 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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Olayemi Fathybaba hmmm plx tel d student dat wil b atending d university dat na empty leg dem go day use day enta d skul any form of sandal ix prohibited
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Adibe Moses No church for 9ja wan gree carry last in university establishment. It's really a good one anyway.
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Isibor O. Cletus Endy Edison, I have a question o, will the students go on barefoot just like members of the church? And I hope there won't be sprinkling of salt, water, spraying of alligator pepper, and making of saara in the school premises, by the time they commence operation, cos this might scare away students from other churches
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Endy Edeson @Cletus: You are right . They might initiate some of their doctrines on their students just like other church who owns schools do.
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Treasure Samson Who no get money fit go, as be church own
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