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Sunday, January 27, 2019

How To Constantly Seduce Your Husband In The Bedroom - Faith Oyedepo

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The wife of the General Overseer of the Living Faith Church Worldwide (Dr. David Oyedepo), Faith Abiola Oyedepo explains to us what real intimacy in marriage really means, here is what she wrote... I bring God’s Word your way today. I see God doing something new in your home and family in Jesus’ name. I will be sharing with you a topic which I titled: Attaining Intimacy in marriage.

It is very important that we know that marriage is the mystery of two people becoming one. Intimacy is the pillar of every successful marriage and it is the responsibility of both parties. When we talk about intimacy, the husband and wife should be the most intimate persons and best of friends. What is intimacy?
Intimacy is the closeness of your relationship with your spouse – emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, sexually, and in many other ways.

You should satisfy his physical needs by Giving your husband the type of food he likes, and not the one you like. Even, if you do not like a particular type of food before, you could try to adjust simply because of him.
Always wear the colour or type/style of dress he likes, not the one you want to wear. If he does not like a particular dress, it is not advisable to keep wearing such. Adopt hairdos or styles that he likes, not what you like. Be available to him when he wants to make love to you. Do everything to please him.
Let me tell you the secret of my marriage with Bishop Oyedepo. Never deny your husband sex. Be available to him when he wants to make love to you. Cook the type of food he likes, make hairstyles he likes, wear the types of dresses he likes.

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Adebimpe Oluwabukola

Love u mama

Endy Edeson

Yes Adebimpe: I really like her preaching on Sundays

Uchenna Stanley

HMMM, Endy Edeson, some women prefare doing what they want instead of what their husband's want. For example, one of my neighbour do quarrel with his wife on a daily basis simply because of wears and sometimes sex. According to the woman, she doesn't wear trouser therefore, the husband has no right to force her to wear trouser. She also decides when to give her husband sex. I don't think her action is right...

Daniel Orji

The younger generation wives should listen to her, and stop the trade by batter approach with their husband when it comes to sex

Endy Edeson

Uchenna: Lack of understanding is what causes issues in marriage. Just as Faith Oyedepo rightly pointed out, we have to do what our partner wants provided it's not a bad thing, to sustain the marriage or relationship

Chidera Blessing

Biko .I bet to disagree. Most times what interests the man may not interest the opposite. So in the essence if the only likes black color she will constantly wear black just to please him. Mbanu

Endy Edeson

Chidera; little things like this matters. You can just do it to please the man.

Mallam Maduka Emeka

Well Chidera Blessin once u married ,ur hubby ones u. So try and be submissive to him. If he likes black, give him black Biko. Who again are u planning to please again if not him

Emeka Ben Queen

She's on point... Bravo
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