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Saturday, January 19, 2019

My 2nd Husband Wanted To Have Sex With Me Everyday & Night

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, textPopular Nigerian singer, Queen Ure who was formerly married to singer Soul E has just revealed that her second marriage is over.
Reacting to the news of the man who ended his life because his wife left, she said;
“He committed suicide because his wife left him! I wish he had tried to look at the situation a bit differently. I don’t know what you’re going through right now but truly there’s always something good in every ugly situation.
Most of you saw my wedding photos barely a year ago, I was happy, I thought that finally God had answered my prayers, a widowed pastor with 4 very young lovely kids, so Wifey and Mummy all at once.
I packed all my load and relocated to Gwagwalada. We didn’t date, I took the chance based on recommendation as I was 45 going to 46.

’The guy showed me nwii as in, if not that my father drummed it in my ear that I’m a Queen, I would have thought I was an outcast, every month he would tell me to pack my things and go that I’m not submissive, that a good wife will submit all her money and her body. I was submitting the body o but he wanted the thing everyday.
I was not submitting the money but I was willingly and generously looking after everyone as he didn’t have any source of income. (The Church was new). You’re wondering why I would marry a man with 4 children that doesn’t have shishi?
The good values we were brought up with hasn’t left us, some of us still believe in love and small beginnings, I wasn’t desperate not at all. Anyway onye awusa chirim onu n’ala and finally “broke the marriage” when I insisted I wouldn’t make him a director of my company nor a signatory to the account yet.
He may not be such a terrible man just a man with a different view of marriage from mine. This was my 2nd marriage. I will now come and kill myself?
‘To say that I’m not heart broken I’ll be lying but to think that is the end of the world mbanu, for what? Instead of suicide, I’ll kukuma do wedding number 3. I turned 47 last August …no child, no husband, doesn’t sound good but I’m alive and healthy, that’s a testimony.
For the records I never cheated on him, never contemplated it.”

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Teju Osawemen

I can not come and die. Well done madam. God will take good care of your children and you too.

Ogochukwu Hariet Onyeabor

I feel for her.

I hope she finds the best match.

Chuca Chuca

If the story is exactly what she narrated ,then she is a very strong woman and I love her boldness .Our women need to understand that marriage isn't a do or die affair ,if it doesn't work please go your separate ways .

Oluwabamise Banjo

Endy Edeson to me I think she haven't find a rightful husband because anyman who is after a lady money and want to have constant sex with her is not a husband material ooo marriage is base on trust and building each other for a good future purpose ✌️

Hapidiamond Lazarus

Her surprise package is on the way.......

Emeka Ben Queen

See... at her age, she would have know the man's attitude before engaging herself in that union. She should have let him know how and when she prefer to shine congo than leaving the marriage, i think there's more to it than sex sha.

Bussy Duro

If I read well, I think she said she didn't really know the man she married him based on recommendation and it can happen to anybody. So let's us not judge her for as many that are doing that because a lot of times most of us think we are doing the right thing or we can never get it wrong when it comes to marriage or somethings but no we can do it wrong anytime especially when it comes to love

Zack R A Daniya

The caption though... 😂

Fiona Ekpo Paul

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