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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Ambode In Deep Thoughts As Impeachment Proceedings Thickens

Image may contain: 1 personHere's everything you need to know about the plot to impeach Ambode
On Monday, January 28, 2019, members of the Lagos State House of Assembly commenced impeachment proceedings against Governor Akinwunmi Ambode.
Here’s all you need to know about Ambode’s latest troubles:
1..Of the 34 lawmakers who spoke during what was a heated plenary session, 28 called for Ambode’s impeachment, with six of them asking the governor to tender his resignation.
2..The lawmakers are furious with Ambode because according to them, he’s been spending monies from the 2019 budget proposal even though said budget has not been formally presented before lawmakers by the governor; even though said budget is not yet law.
3..The lawmakers expressed their intention to impeach Ambode
through a voice vote.
4..Ambode dispatched the 2019 budget to state lawmakers in December of 2018.
State lawmakers say he should have brought the budget to the floor of the house himself and presented same before them, instead of sending aides to submit the budget proposal on his behalf.
5..It took House Speaker, Mudashiru Obasa, to calm irate lawmakers who were apparently spoiling for a showdown.
6..Obasa pleaded with his colleagues to give Ambode some time to correct himself.
7..The Speaker said: “The attorney general, finance commissioner and commissioner for budget and economic planning that ought to have advised the governor did not do so.
“The most important thing is that we should let the people know that a budget that has yet to be approved was being spent, which was why we could not attend to the governor on the budget on Monday 21, January.
“We must give them a fair hearing to come and explain what happened.
“The point has been made that there must be something before the House before you can commence expenditure. We want to call on the governor to come within a week to explain himself along with the governor.
“We can start gathering signatures for impeachment. We can wait till another time.”
8...The Lagos governor has been given one more week to make an appearance before lawmakers to defend his budget estimates or be impeached.
9..Ambode fell out with lawmakers after the House endorsed the APC governorship candidature of Mr. Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu who went on to beat Ambode during the primary election of October 2, 2018.

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Omoba Morenikeji Babatunde

Gov Ambode should do the needful & stop all this childish behaviour....... the House will impeach him if he fails to show up in a weeks time.

Chris On

He should give them the billions to share,so he can have his peace

Yisa Azeez Eleniyo

89percent of Lagos law makers are Ashiwajus boy's... Ambode's real impeachment plan started when he refused to raise #50billion for the APC campaign and Rallies..forget all this budget lies

Ofosu Ampofo Evans

Ambode knew it was over for him when he dispatched the budget to the house through his aides. Tinubu and his worn out puppets are really working to ensure Ambode fails. What a pity!

But then, my worry is the interference and endorsement of Mr Babajide by Tinubu.

Akpome Theophilus

Endy Edeson it would interest you to know that all this move is coming after the governorship elect of the (APC) said Ambode did not give him any penny to run his campaign. Since the day Tinubu marked Ambode as un-feat to run again Ambode has automatically become an enemy of the cabals. Everything he does becomes wrong and useless, a man with no say before his boss(Tinubu). After months of contemplating he decided that the only way to make money now is to complete project's, at least he still has that power. The cabals saw this and where angry 😡 😡 so this man wants to eat alone, has he forgotten that another leader has been chosen? the store house is becoming empty what shall we do? Again the boss was consulted, angry😠😠😠 and furious he shouted remove him" remove him. A letter was sent to him, he was given seven days to defend himself or prepare for war. When he saw the letter he became afraid and ran to his family 👪 please help me he begged. What shall they do? a wise man was consulted and he said the only way out was to beg publicly for help. So they all took their instruments of peace to the palace of the cabals begging "please have mercy we have but only a short time, have mercy on us so we rule in peace.

Meanwhile a wounded lion who have fought many times without success is still in the forest, this time we'll prepared to take the village from both the weak king 👑and the boss even the cabals. He has called on the support of the villagers giving them a thousand reasons why the village must be great again. Many are with him, but some still wonder how he a wounded lion can defeat the boss of all boss.

Azubuike Christian Odoemelam

Abeg let the process begin.. Let them even throw him into the nearest lagoon..... This is the kind of democracy they imported in 2015_fucked up cluesless bias poverty-stricken and God forsaken system,

Martins Ludar King

To me all this is just a fallacy... The same man that approve their salaries for more than 3years now they are bothering him,...

Daniel Orji

As far am concerned, ambode, s stay in apc is just a waiting on days numbered, he have been humiliated and i still belive he have plan B"
I had a rumor that he was also alleged of using part of the budget to sponsor agbaje, s campaign! By and large....the whole thing ks increasing the chances of the pdp to win lagos

Ednap UgwuStan

Ambode should just throw in the towel now to avoid further public embarrassments from tinubu and in future learn to be his own man, this is my one kobo

Okwy Maria

Hmmm! Lagos State!!
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