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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Famous Rapper 21 Savage Arrested For Faking To Be Citizen Of America

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According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (via Variety), rapper 21 Savage has been arrested by U.S. Immigrations And Customs Enforcement—a.k.a. ICE—for overstaying his visa. Apparently, despite telling people he’s from Atlanta and being a visible part of the city’s rap community (he appeared just last week alongside T.I., Migos, and Ludacris at a pre-Super Bowl event), 21 Savage is actually from the United Kingdom. The rapper’s real name is Sha Yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, and a spokesperson for ICE says he was arrested in a “targeted operation” and is now facing “removal proceedings before the federal immigration courts.” In other words, they’re working on deporting him back to the United Kingdom.
In a statement from Abraham-Joseph’s attorney, the rapper is referred to as a “role model to the young people in the country” who is “actively working in the community, leading programs to help underprivileged youths in financial literacy.” The Journal-Constitution also notes that he donated free school supplies to 2,500 students in Georgia’s DeKalb County. ICE, meanwhile, just says that his Visa has been expired since 2006, making him an “unlawfully present United Kingdom national.”



Johnson Ahile

So, since 2006 it is now they know he is an alien in America

Endy Edeson

Well, maybe, his rival who discovered , reported him.

Johnson Ahile

I want to ask, does Nigeria govt also deport ?

Micheal Callix Oyibo

United States can't deport's just a way they extort money from any celebrity

Endy Edeson

Callix: Sure, his lawyers will fight for him, else he will be deported .

Tmt Tee T Best

Deported to where.... Nigeria dnt deport we need more people... we can't suffer alone

Endy Edeson

Tmt Tee T Best Lolz, They are not coming to suffer with Naija people. They are coming to do business that will enrich them 
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