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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

GHANA MUST GO; America Imposes Visa Restrictions On Ghana

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In 1983, when Shehu Shagari was the President of Nigeria , an executive order was given to immigrants without proper immigration documents to leave the country or they would be arrested according to the law. Most of the immigrants were West Africans and mainly Ghanaians. Over 2 million men, women and children were affected. Incidentally, in 1969 Ghana also expelled Nigerians from its country. In 1969, Ghana enacted the Aliens Compliance Order in which hundreds of thousands of immigrants, most of which were Nigerians, were forcefully expelled from the country.

The major route to Ghana was through the West passing through Benin and Togo .
Over 1 Million Ghanaians were affected by the order. Ghanaians were mostly attracted to Nigeria because of the oil market of the 70's, but in 1983 when the "Ghana Must Go" revolution started, the economy had weakened and was fast falling apart. 

Presently, America has imposed visa restrictions on Ghana for refusing to accept the return of 7,000 Ghanaian nationals that it wants to deport. The US embassy in Accra will limit the awarding of visas to certain applicants, such as the domestic staff of diplomats posted to America.The sanctions could be expanded to include other categories if the issue was not resolved, US officials warned. Last year, Ghana had questioned the deportees' nationality and treatment. The US accuses the 7,000 deportees of being guilty of immigration offences, including abusing the terms of their visas.



Endy Edeson

Callix; I am preparing very well before stepping into America. That country is very strict with immigration laws.

Daniel Orji

Country like America should be that strict, if not migrants will make mess of it, as it is a dream of every country for greener pasture, especially african!

Endy Edeson

That is true Daniel. That is why Trump wants to build border walls to curb such migration

Fayakola AndrePraiz Naedo

Everyday u learn.... Bigwork.. Bro

Endy Edeson

Thanks Fayakola AndrePraiz Naedo for reading

Ofosu Ampofo Evans

Endy Edeson let me take my time to leave you in bravado for a while.

The travel sanctions by the US embassy is a political stunt. A fa├žade!
Do you know that the USA want a Milliary base in Accra?

They want to ship in useless arsenals into my country for what...outrageous!

Just when we declined, they came up with that.
The government of Ghana has issued a well documented statement indicating that the USA, government provides proof that the 7000 so-called immigrants they want to deport are indeed Ghanaians.

We have thwarted their treats. Do you know that the USA makes a lot of undocumented revenue from us than we make from them.

So in conclusion, we have decided to make Ghana great and better. Weytin concern me and that gun violent prone racial country. Tweaaaa

Endee Saint Mark

deportation is a must

Treasure Samson

I hope nigerians no go ivoved

Ben Otas

Good for Africans that don't want to remain in their homes and sweep off the rubbish within before leaving

Abraham Nyitse

Why dem come name the matter,tagged with this bag??
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