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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Lagosians Mock Tinubu As He Tries To Insult Atiku At APC Rally

Image may contain: one or more peopleBola Tinubu while speaking at APC Campaign rally in Lagos State today said he is 'teaching Atiku Abubakar a lesson'. He spoke condemning Atiku and Peter Obi.
He asked the crowd if they will vote for Atiku Abubakar.
Some shouted 'No!' while others "mutely" said YES. But Bola Tinubu has come under severe criticisms. Some felt that he was speaking incoherently. Some said he spoke and acted like someone 'that is drunk and high'....
Bola Tinubu was condemned for 'not highlighting what the APC has achieved in the past 4 years and why the people should vote them again but rather spent his time attacking his political opponents".
A twitter user shared this video of Bola Tinubu behaving 'somehow' at the Lagos APC Rally and captioned it:

"See how Tinubu and APC are making campaigns. Still can’t say enough of PDP. This is exactly why they have no vision for this country. Meanwhile, Ambode is looking like a prodigal son asking for forgiveness #PMBinLagos"



Kenny J Oyeduntan

U are too partisan. U are the only blogger I av eva read his report saying lagosians mocking Asiwaju

Tee Ruby

Endy, yoruba people no go like this post o, dey respect their Elders alot

Akintoye Adebareh Abdul Akeem

The only people who is daft are the people who come online to call people names because people have contrary opinion to their own.

Akintoye Adebareh Abdul Akeem

Many of our brother just want to bring down the empire, they want us to vote for governor that will used our money to build statue . or the one that will ask his supporter to kill the hand that installed him. See the name of people abusing BAT, you will know it just hatred. Edyso did you think we only ready your blog?

Martins A Odilichukwu

I would want to vote for buhari this coming weekend atleast if not for any other reason for revenge on people that voted for him in 2015 or is there any projects or project he started and completed within his tenure apart from so called collecting our money from them and putting them in jail. please I want buhari supporters here to educate me with proofs and name the project not insult and remember I said visible project not policy

Tunde Sholedolu

This one weak me.

Yusuf Akeem Sola

Sight examples of those mocking him, if he did not sacrifice and think outside the box we won't have the present day Lagos, most people will not want to migrate here if not for his laid down plan for the State.

Stella Ify Opone


Blessing M Prince

Hmmm 😕 😕 😕 Lagos nawaoooo! What is my own on the vote or no vote, whosoever that want to seat 💺on the presidential chair should do so. Thank God I don't do voting or election, my PVC is for important things like
Banking and identification of been a citizen of Nigeria.

Tee Ruby

Blessing M Prince u are very correct o, don't mind all these yeye politicians, our votes don't actually count
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