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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

National Library Building To Be Completed At 50 Billion Naira

Image may contain: one or more people and textA national library is a library established by a government as a country's preeminent repository of information. Unlike public libraries, these rarely allow citizens to borrow books. Often, they include numerous rare, valuable, or significant works. A National Library is that library which has the duty of collecting and preserving the literature of the nation within and outside the country. A public library is a library that is accessible by the general public and is usually funded from public sources, such as taxes. It is operated by librarians and library paraprofessionals, who are also civil servants.
Minister of Education, Malam Adamu Adamu, said the abandoned National Library building in Abuja, would be completed at the cost of N50 billion.
He said at a media conference that the Buhari administration would
not abandon any project initiated by any past administration that was adjudged to be in public interest and that efforts were on to complete the National Library Headquarters.
“You may have been aware that the project was awarded in 2006 at a total cost of N8 billion. By 2013, the project cost was reviewed upward to N18 billion. Work was however stopped by the end of 2013 due to poor funding,” he said.
The construction of the Library began in 1962 and the Library was finally opened in November 1964. The headquarters was moved from Lagos to Abuja in 1995.
He said when this administration came into power, the contractor submitted a new bill of N78 billion to complete the project and a committee was set up to evaluate the project which later submitted a bill of N50 billion.
“We have forwarded the report to the Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP) for further appraisal. The recommendation of the BPP will be forwarded to the Federal Executive Council (FEC) for consideration. While we await these processes to be completed, we are pursuing alternative sources of funding especially from special intervention funding windows,” he said.
He said the National Library of Nigeria (NLN) was required by its enabling Act to have presence in all states of the federation and to fulfil the mandate. He said contracts for the renovation of the Lagos, Benue, Nasarawa, Imo, Adamawa, and Plateau branches have been awarded while others will come on stream in 2020.
He said new branches were to be established in Delta, Anambra, Ekiti, Kebbi, Kogi and Jigawa states.



Azubuike Christian Odoemelam

That project is an ancestor, it should be abandoned for life.. Not joking

Endy Edeson

Azubuike Ikenna Nwanya But it will help preserve our history , so it shouldn't be abandoned. Though, the cost of the project i s high

Creo Fredmacs

We're not ready yet. Another opportunity for them to loot.

Joshua Ola

Is it during this election they want to build it? scam country

Maxwell Domon

This is just another clear reason why many Nigerians keep thinking backwards.... cos they really don't know Nigerian history .... the National Library will help preserve our history. .all the stolen artifacts stolen by Europeans will be moved back there... it is better to start up the project now cos later will only amount to more increase .... just imagine what it will look like should pdp govt return and wants to continue this project... do you know how much they will put the figure ? Pdp a party of thieves !

Endy Edeson

Maxwell; Well said, but the project cost during PDP era was lesser, under APC it is very high.

Robinson Emeke Ikebueze

50 billion for one building. These people are rogues! How much have they budgeted for education? Corrupt people.

Alfred Matthew

50 Billion Naira

Evangelist Gilbert

From 18-50billion naira in just less than 6yrs, this govt is surrounded by criminals and they claim to be fighting corruption, who is fooling who, and some naïve people will keep chanting their praise till they are sold as slaves.
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