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Thursday, March 7, 2019

5 Reasons Why Jimi Agbaje Will Win Lagos Governorship Election

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Hello guys, the governorship elections comes up this Saturday and I hereby present you 5 reasons why PDP aspirant Jimi Agbaje stands the chance to overthrow Tinubu political dynasty to become the governor of Lagos State. It is also pertinent to note that I am not affiliated with PDP and I am not also supporting any political candidate in the election. 
As a blogger, I researched and came up with some facts on why Agbaje will beat Sanwo-Olu of the APC. 
Major fact about Lagos 2019 is that unlike the previous elections since 2011, the incumbent ruling party
in the state and their supporters have been in serious fear mode; fear of losing their acclaimed empire, fear of losing the priced Gubernatorial contest to no other than Mr. Jimi Agbaje, the candidate of Peoples Democratic Party. Why? See the reasons;
1. Lagosians Are Fed Up With Tinubu Political Empire:
Being a longtime admirer of Asiwaju Tinubu, I can sense from distance the fear of his footsoldiers ahead of 2019 poll. This is the main reason their Governorship candidate Jide Sanwoolu has been bugging every nook and crannies of the state with his posters and billboards. In all their campaign billboard and posters, NOT one of them talk about their achievement in the last 20 years. Sanwoolu is even ashamed to campaign with the stewardship of incumbent Akinwunmi Ambode, simply because if he says Ambo performed, then the question will be why was he rejected? The question will be if Ambode had performed, why was he not considered worthy enough for a second term reelection ticket? Also, Sanwoolu cannot openly say Ambode underperformed because that in itself is an indictment on their party and vindication of the position of Mr Agbaje. However, Lagosians are quite informed that Sanwoolu is the furtherance of Bola's empire and are ready to put a stop come 2019.
2.Buhari's Unpopularity 
In Nigeria's political environment the failure of the party at the centre is usually rubbed on her candidates at lower level. Despite INEC announcing Buhari the winner of 2019 presidential election, many Nigerians including Lagosians are not happy as they all complained of hard life in his leadership. Atiku is doing everything possible to reclaim his stolen mandate at the Supreme Court. Lagosians don't want to be left behind when Atiku becomes president, so they have pledged to vote Jimi Agbaje to enjoy dividends of democracy. Besides, APC narrowly defeated PDP in the last presidential election in Lagos which signals fear of dethronement in Tinubu/Sanwo-Olu camp. 
3. Jimi Agbaje, The Freedom Fighter 
Take it or leave it, the message of freedom as preached by Agbaje has sank deep into the nooks and crannies of Lagos state. In 2015, Agbaje's message became so loud that he narrowly lost to Ambo by small margin in 2015 despite the supposed sterling performance of then Governor Raji Fashola and the anti-PDP propaganda that swept Lagos. In fact, Jimi polled the highest vote garnered by any opposition party since 1999 and the PDP broke several jinx by winning seats in both the federal house of representative and Lagos state house of Assembly. I'm not trying to prophesy but a landslide victory in for Jimi Agbaje should not surprised anyone. In 2019, Jimi is continuing with his message of Freedom for Lagos. Just as the Otoge in Kwara happened, Lagosians are expecting Otoge in Lagos to happen this Saturday. 
4. Involvement of "Non-Indigenes":
One advantage Jimi enjoy over his loquacious opponent is that he enjoys additional support of PVC carrying non indigenes of Lagos state due to his nationalist approach and programs unlike the ethnic-based political message of the other man. Only a political neophyte will playdown the influence of this segment in the politics of Lagos. That is why there have been cases of intimidation of the Igbos by Tinubu camp just because of their voting power and their love for Jimi Agbaje. 
5. Jimi Is Busiest Of All Candidates: 
Jimi Agbaje has been the busiest of all candidates running for the office. He has been engaged with marathon town hall events, grassroots outreach and has been very visible at conventions and other events. Aside bombarding Lagosians with posters and billboards, Sanwoolu has been the most quiet of all candidates. 
Guys, these are generalised facts.

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Robinson Emeke Ikebueze

Lagos needs political deliverance.

Edet Daniel

Endy Edeson here u come again

Edet Daniel

It’s only in the eyes of Igbo that Lagos state needs deliverance, there’s no state in Nigeria that’s developed like Lagos state even my state that produce oil we are not as developed like Lagos state so Igbo people make una talk about una state wey no even develope at all hatred kill all of una

Isiaq Zakariyah

Lagos won't allow PDP take it backward. For those shouting that they want to deliver Lagos, please go elsewhere. When I Google Lagos state to read about it. I read that Lagos state is 30 years ahead of other states in terms of their road network. Even yesterday while I was going to work very early in the morning, I saw a man laying down, as if he was knocked by a car or Okada, I called 767 and there was a prompt response. I just thought to myself that if people know what Lagos has done which other States have not thought of, they will give kudos to Tinubu. If you'd seen an accident scene where LASEMA are in action with their equipment which Federal Government doesn't have, you'll agree with me that Lagos is a country of its own. There is no room for PDP. Kawai

Samuel Fernando

You just said it pure. If not burnt ballots which igbos has majority votes in lagos PDP would have won presidential in Lagos.

Rt Hon Augustine Balogun


Abayomi Ife Jones

You don't need to tell us that you are PDP...some of us very well. Just go and waste your vote and come and complain rigging later.... Shio...

Akintoye Adebareh Abdul Akeem

That number 4 is his greatest problem.

Akintoye Adebareh Abdul Akeem

Don't mind them. Their government is making statue but they want to free lagos.

Adetoro Adeyinka Kazeem

You are still a dreamer then 😂
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