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Thursday, March 7, 2019

65-Year-Old Billionaire Dies During Penis Enlargement Surgery

Image may contain: 1 person, smilingThe anxiety and shame and lack of actual relationship experience characteristic of men with Small Penis Syndrome leads them to feel hopeless and depressed and in some cases, suicidal. 
A billionaire diamond trader has died after 'suffering a heart attack' during a penis enlargement operation in Paris. Ehud Arye Laniado, a 65-year-old diamond trader, reportedly had what some might call a bit of money, but–he had his eyes set on a much larger pursuit.
Off in search of penis enlargement, Laniado died during an unfortunate operation, according to reports. The tale of cosmetic surgeries gone awry is all too familiar to medical professionals, and this case has caused some to wonder what went wrong.
Laniado sought his penis enlargement
surgery from professionals at a posh Parisian clinic, according to reports. but during the operation, he had a heart attack.
Reports state that he died on the operating table. The Belgian media are reporting that Laniado had not taken well to a substance that was injected into his penis. After the injection of this substance, his vitals failed, and he was led to demise.
Ehud Arye Laniado Reportedly Owned the Most Expensive Penthouse in Monaco & Partied With Celebs at His House in Bel Air. Laniado’s tastes did not stop nor end at diamonds, some of which were alleged by authorities to be “blood diamonds,” that were illegally imported from Africa.
Reports say that Laniado started working as a masseuse in Tel Aviv when he was young, before he began exploring in Africa for diamonds and other priceless gems.
Ehud Arye Laniado Was Accused of Evading Taxes, But Paid to Avoid a Tax Evasion Trial
Laniado was actually expected in court this upcoming Mar. 14He and his business partner, Sylvain Goldberg, had reportedly gotten in hot water back in 2013, and were able to stave off a tax evasion trial by paying out 160 million euros.
However, Belgian officials, who did not buy their story about the diamonds they imported from Angola and Congo, wanted the pair to pay out 4.6 billion euros in unpaid taxes–plus 2 billion euros in fines.
The courts sided with Laniado and his partner, dismissing the Belgian customs office’s claims–but, an appeals court wanted Laniado to face a new trial
, beginning on Mar. 14. It is unknown what will happen to the proceedings of the case now that Laniado has passed.

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Micheal Callix Oyibo

What's wrong with some people.i know it's hard for some guys who have small penis,but it' definitely doesn't matter.u know 90% of men finds it so hard to engage in foreplay which would do the 80% of the job.
Anyway what's my biz.if he gets to heaven he should be ready to give God Atleast 5 good reasons why he wanted to enlarge his cassava.

Chidera Blessing

Shit happens you know, this is one it

Daniel Orji

Endy if you know how ladies ridicule men with small tin you may not blame the man!
But i think it starts with self, believe yourself and have confidence.
When it comes to bed matters, size is secondary, you can give your partner good doze with what you have! #dont go and kill yourself

Igwe Ezekiel

Weytin u wan go tell God now say kee u?...enh..no contentment.... Torh oya.. Cross ur cross

Akintoye Adebareh Abdul Akeem

At sixty. It over for already.

Chiamaka Ubah

Na waoo, a Billionaire, that doesn't know what else to do with his money...now I start to wonder like my brother "why do money grow more in the hands of people who don't have plans/goals, nor know its worth? Why?

Nwigwe Ogochukwu Anne

At 65 he is looking for enlargement ok oooo. If it's in Nigeria now dey will say his partner killed him. Something must kill a man. Rest on

Ayo Olominu

Something will definately kill a man.His time is up.

Mercy Okon

At 65! Life is about contentment. Be glad with what u have they won't hear.

Rasheed Alao

I wouldn't blame the late Billionaire because Money without good sex is nothing in this World , he tried his best only for luck to ran against him, may his soul rest well
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