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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Dowry For Islamic Marriage In Nigeria Now N13,438

An Islamic cleric, Dr. Agaka, who spoke during his weekly Islamic radio programme in Ilorin disclosed that dowry for Islamic marriage in Nigeria now N13,438. The former Scholar with School for Arabic Studies and Bayero University Kano who further stated that it was permissible for wealthy husbands to pay amounts higher than the official acceptable fee, said the marriage would become invalid and illegal without the dowry being paid.
The Islamic cleric who disclosed that the dowry to be paid in lslamic marriage in Nigeria is now N13, 438, added that prospective husbands could use cows, parcels of land, gold and other valuables as payment of dowry for their intended wives.
“The dowry in Islam is paid by the man to his wife-to-be as an honour and respect given to her to show his sincerity
and commitment to the marriage which also signifies sense of responsibility and obligation" he said.

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Ayes Azazi

Nice let me locate one of them

Endy Edeson

Azazi, do you live in the north? I learnt Hausa ladies are very pretty 

Ayes Azazi

I nvr go there b4 o

Abdulhafiz Sunusi

Very nice

Daniel Orji

Endy you didn't leave any stone unturned sha...what can the Christian also do about the same issue?

Henry Sunday

Any Hausa girl here, kindly identify it's time.

Isiaq Zakariyah

The dowry here is not the cultural gift that families collect especially in the southern part here. The dowry is the special gift from the husband to the wife to legalize their relationship. The amount mentioned by the scholar is just the standard which he calculated based on what the prophet advised ie 1 quarter of a Dinar. The scholar didn't bring the verdict but calculated it. And this may be increased or decreased depending on the ladies opinion. Yet, Islam preaches that dowry should be affordable or else, people will go for formication rather than marriage and the result will be that we'll have more illegitimate children than the legitimate children in our society which is spiritually bad.
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