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Monday, March 11, 2019

Shocking Reasons Why Jimi Agbaje Lost, His Task To Free Lagos Continues

Image may contain: 3 people, including Seyi Ogunrinde and Henry Richard, textJimi Agbaje has revealed he lost the Lagos Governorship election to the All Progressives Congress, APC candidate, Babajide Sanwo-Olu. In an interview with PUNCH shortly after the result of the governorship election was announced, Jimi Agbaje who lamented the low voter turnout in Lagos State, said it was less than 20 per cent of the total number of persons that collected Permanent Voter Cards.
He further said that threats, coupled with the manner in which the presidential election was conducted, led to the voter apathy witnessed in the nation’s commercial nerve centre.
Jimi Agbaje also disclosed that he lost the Lagos Governorship election as many of his supporters were intimidated, and even threatened with eviction and sack if the PDP won in their areas. He added that rather
than risk their lives and their livelihood, the people decided to sit at home which gave his opponent the upper hand.
“From the outset it was clear that the numbers were on our side and naturally, that was our comparable strength but the moment you had the numbers slashed, then we were at a disadvantage. The strategy of the other side was to make sure that those numbers did not come out to vote and to that extent it has worked in their favour.”“It is not good for our democracy when only about 20 per cent come out to vote. There was voter apathy because of the event that happened during the presidential election.”
The governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party , Mr . Jimi Agbaje, says the task to free Lagos from godfatherism and oppression will continue despite his defeat at the poll . Agbaje said this in a Facebook post while thanking his supporters for believing him .
The PDP candidate said he believed that despite his loss to Babajide Sanwo- Olu of the All Progressives Congress , his candidature had sparked a flame in the minds of Lagosians.
He added , “ The elections might be over but the fight for a free Lagos must continue to ensure that governance improves and that government continues to work for interests of ordinary men and women , not just a few overlords.
“ We must continue to hold our leaders accountable by choosing, on our end to be , first, informed about the issues and, second , to participate at all levels . This is the only way we can build on the gains of our young democracy. “ It has been an absolute honour running for the highest office in our dear state . To Lagosians whose cares have been our concern , it is not goodbye but a see you later because the work goes on, the cause endures and the dream of the Peoples’ Lagos shall never die .

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Nicholas Kendo

Me that was even thanking God that Okoro hausa will finally mould me...
Them say there's no man in IMO then the tribe that their name starts with "M" showed them that they have a Man that has "M" in his name..
Mba5 we don win

Olowookere E J Oladele

Jimi Agbaje is just one of those people who believes in manipulation of the human minds could bring about good luck. Trying to create division among two ethnicity (just like he did in 2015), will not make him win. Sensible and matured minds knows that Lagos ain't in bondage that needs freedom.
That aside, what has been his(Jimi) contributions to the development of his LCDA / LGA prior to the elections; but rather going here and there, being a tax evader and creating tribal conflicts. He needs to man up and not use stupid propaganda so as to win.

Akpome Theophilus

To me Jimi is a coward and a very selfish human being. He preached what he can't afford to do. If not why did his attitude change the night to the election

Daniel Orji

Jimi as I know might not be heard of again until the next 4 years!
Who is going advocate for the free lagos campaign?
We need a radical candidate from the opposition to carry the task joor

Chidera Blessing

A lot is happening in lagos that I don't know

Hassan Labbo

Are lagosians colonised by a foreign body?

Hassan Labbo

My concealed pdp chieftain lol

Raji Mojisola

Jimi agbaje should go and free himself

Akintoye Adebareh Abdul Akeem

Free lagos from who? Rubbish.

Mac David Akwuking

Endy Edeson I told you he would not win... Hope you have seen it now?
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