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Sunday, April 21, 2019

Aisha Plans To Establish Muhammadu Buhari University

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Buhari & Aisha
Aisha Buhari has revealed her plan to establish a private university to be known as “Muhammadu Buhari University”.
The wife of the President Buhari, disclosed this on Saturday during a town hall meeting in Yola organized by her in collaboration with concern indigenes of Adamawa.
She explained that the university would be established in collaboration with partners from Sudan and Qatar, though she didn't state the location where it would be sited. She said;
“I cannot conclude without suggesting how we can complement the efforts of government in achieving some of its developmental goals.
“On this note, I would like to advocate for the establishment of Adamawa Development Trust Fund through which prioritized developmental projects
can be financed and implemented.”

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Nnanna Idika Mba

To name it after an illiterate who doesn't know the value of education?
Secondly, just four years ago they couldn't afford party's nomination form but can afford to build a university today.
This God is wonderful oo

Bennard Ahupa

Atiku is coming if they like let them built heaven on earth

Engr Olaniyi Adeoye

Hope is not in the name of Nigeria Money huh

Endy Edeson

Nnanna Idika Mba Is Buhari an illiterate? He attended military schools, even though they didnt see his waec result, he is not an illiterate. If you insist, prove your claims 😏

Abdullahi Musa Lawal

Hmmm where is she going to establish the university. nice idea

Mac David Akwuking

Hmmmmmmm... For what as a cattle rearer or scholar?

Boma Pepple-Uduebor

I hope they will train Alamajiri for the school too.how about building schools for them first?

Akpome Theophilus

After they will come out and tell us the president is a friend to the poor, if I may ask how many poor people can afford a private varsity?.. some years back they told us this man lives in hunt that he does not even have a roof over his head ,but today nt even him bt his wife planning to open a private uni🤔🤔🤔 haba we all know money does not fall from the sky. To make matters worst go check front page 2morrow nar Anti CORRUPTION FIGHT you go first see.
4+4=(0) Like seriously this man has nothing to offer
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